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As someone who has experienced first-hand with anxiety, I understand how debilitating it can be.

Adrenal stress and anxiety can feel a lot like you are under water, struggling to get to the surface to breathe. It is almost impossible to relax; your mind and heart seem to race.  Sometimes there are sudden dizzy spells and nausea and almost out of nowhere you could break into a sweat.  Sleep is almost impossible as the mind does not switch off.

You are constantly filled with thoughts of worry and irrational fear.  Focus, concentration and decision making become impossible.  Muscle tension, headaches, irritability and even indigestion are all part and parcel.

Anyone reading this who suffers from anxiety will know these symptoms all too well. Even though all symptoms of anxiety don’t affect everyone, at least two or three would resonate with anxiety sufferers.

When it comes to supporting anxiety, herbs are so helpful in resetting your body before your stress becomes distress.

Herbs can be a beautiful compliment alongside other strategies, to support you in healing the impact of stress of modern life.

Although it does not appear to reduce the actual levels of stress we experience, tea does seem to have a greater effect in bringing stress hormone levels back to normal. This has important health implications, because slow recovery following acute stress has been associated with a greater risk of chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease.


Our unique blend of herbal tea for anxiety includes:

Valerian -

Lavender -

Rose -

Withania -

Oats –

Chamomile -


Take 1 cup, three times a day as a calming nervine support




Anxiety Support