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Isn't Naturopathy totally Unscientific?

TODAY I WAS ASKED AGAIN..."Isn’t naturopathy totally unscientific?"...

so here goes....

Naturopaths rely on medical science to understand the disease process and develop an approach for treating a patient.Herbalism is based on scientific research and empirical data built up over hundreds of years. Today more and more traditional uses of herbs are being validated by scientific studies.

Nutrition is based on almost entirely scientific studies and research.

Homeopathy has been the subject of several hundred scientific studies – the scientific community definitely wants to give this the big thumbs down – but it can’t quite yet as studies have been contradictory. (The fact that it works for the majority of people is another factor).

Massage has been well studied and developed. (Although critics of natural therapies should, on principle, never subject themselves to a massage!)

There is plenty of legitimate science underpinning the methodology and modalities used by a modern naturopath, but when it comes down to it; people simply want results.

If naturopathy did not work it would cease to exist and yet quite the opposite is happening.

Naturopathy is gaining widespread acceptance by the public and many in mainstream medicine.

This means that naturopathic treatment is bringing about results that are satisfying the health care needs of individuals to such an extent that they are prepared to recommend it to others.

With health care they ask how people actually feel and tangible results seem to mean more than double-blind, and placebo controlled trials.

Isn’t naturopathy just a placebo?

The role of the mind in control and cure of illness and disease is the subject of some research. It is genially accepted that the mind can defiantly play a role in an individual’s health.

We believe that the time a naturopath takes to listen to a patient certainly aids the healing process; however, treatment using diet, and massage which have proven physiological effects cannot be said to be pure placebo.

Why bother with a naturopath in the first place?It depends how you want to approach your own health care. Many people who see naturopaths have a condition that has not been resolved by the established medical system – alternative health care is seen as a last resort.

This is not to say that a naturopathic treatment can offer a cure for these conditions, but often an individual’s quality of life is improved in some way.

Others may see a naturopath for philosophical reasons – they believe that a subtle form of health care is more beneficial for them in the long term.

A naturopath will not simply be interested in the condition you present with, they will endeavour to understand you in a broader sense and provide feedback that should shed light on possible areas where things could be done differently in your life.

Focus on ‘Wellness’ is the ‘Key’...and you will never be alone in trying to get there!!!...Karina Francois - Naturopath

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