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6 reasons why your metabolism may be shot.....



Here are some consistent reasons that I find within clinic:

Generally speaking, there are many reasons why a person may be unable to loose weight

1.EXERCISE Without a consistent exercise regime you will be unable to loose the weight desired. This is repeated to us over and over again. However physiologically speaking the main reason is that out metabolism relies on oxygen to follow a cycle where energy is used and burnt. If we do not have the oxygen there, the ability of the body to use the nutrients supplied in food as energy is diminished. At least half an hour of exercise a day is what is required to keep our metabolism in check.

2.WATER As with oxygen, water is also essential in the use of energy from food. Water is the carrier of life and without it, the cycle of our metabolism is interrupted and we cannot function to the ultimate energy burning in mind. Two litres a day is the minimum recommended amount (please do not count tea and coffee as they act as diuretics, further dehydrating the body).

3. EXCESSIVE INSULIN RESISTANCE If you have been unable to loose weight during any programme a variety of nutrients can assist in breaking these barriers. Visit your local naturopath for practioner only products that can assist. Also ensuring that you have adequate amounts of protein in your diet will assist in stabilising blood sugars.

4.PRESCRIPTION DRUGS There are a number of prescription medications that impede weight loss. These include – • High blood pressure tables – beta blockers and diuretics • Anti-arthritis medication – steroidal or cortisone based • Insulin • Anti-depressant drugs • Birth control pills – injections etc as well as HRT Never stop taking prescription drugs without previous medical advice. 5.THE THYRIOD GLAND The thyroid gland controls the rate of metabolism – so if you have an under active thyroid this will slow your metabolism and make you most resistant to loosing weight. To ascertain this, doctors can do blood tests to evaluate your production of T3 and T4 hormones as well as TSH-thyroid stimulating hormone. Sub clinically, you may have an under active thyroid that has still not been represented in blood tests. Symptoms of an under active thyroid include: Inability to lose weight, hair loss, fatigue, depression, dry skin, constipation, poor nails, poor memory and poor cholesterol levels. To ascertain if you have an under active thyroid you can do this yourself. Just check your temperature for four days, four times per day before food and if your temperature is less than 36 degrees Celsius then you can be certain that you have an under active thyroid. There are a number of nutrients that you can use to regulate the thyroid. - Kelp/Iodine can help...see your local naturopath for other supplements and herbs that can assist thyroid function.

6.CANDIDA Yeast overgrowths can interfere with weight loss Athlete’s foot, a white coated tongue, jock itch, fungal nail infections, ringworm and vaginitis, gas, bloating and heartburn are all signs of a yeast infestation in the gut. My recommendations here are to eliminate all dairy products – especially cheese. Also vinegar, soy sauce, mushrooms, sauerkraut, sour cream, peanuts, cashews (all nuts are subjected to mould), smoked or cured foods, yeast containing vitamins, wine, beer and spirits.

INTRODUCE - PROBIOTICS INTO YOUR DIET – please purchase these from the fridge section in the health food shop. They help to keep the yeast in check. OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS DIGESTION and the LIVER.

Please ensure that you support your liver when on any diet, as plenty of toxic wastes accumulate in fat and the liver has to clear these. Enjoy lots of green vegetables and bitter tasting herbs to assist. See your local naturopath for products that work.

Karina Francois - NATUROPATH

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