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Moving from extremism to moderation

Being a Naturopath one of the most interesting things I notice is others being focussed on what I do and what I put in my mouth.

Having had an unhealthy relationship with food in my teen years I observe as others look onto what I do with curiosity as it truly identifies where our society is at and what our culture is really coming to even when it comes to healthy eating.

We constantly see images of ripped men and women...encouraging Instagram posts, new food fads, ...anything that will make your body perfect and your life better..because living healthy is the answer. Unfortunately what is meant to be a positive lifestyle filled with nourishing foods turns into darkness as an obsession that can hold some people hostage.

Paleo, veganism, juice cleansing are not the problem..these food choices aren't the problem but using food in order to feel in control can develop into an obsession with turning to health food in order to control what we eat and also to eat pure.

Food has become the enemy or the answer.

Its sexualised and glorified..and being skinny seems to be the answer to everyones problems.

A world that demands perfection can lead to many mental health is supposed to fuel our body but the way the media potrays it creates eating disorders like Orthorexia that unfortunately some people aren't aware of.

Although orthorexia is not currently clinically recognised I see is prevalent. Orthorexia is a fixation with righteous eating. Orthorexia may start off as an attempt to change your lifestyle then can develop into so much more.

Orthorexics have an unhealthy obsession with food, they are fixated on food quality and purity, how much they eat, they self punish, they restric diet with food choice, variety,and calories. Ironically their health suffers.

Following a healthy diet does not mean you are orthorexic unless it takes up your whole life attention, steering away from your diet choices brings on self loathing or its used to separate and define yourself.

The answer is to work through underlying emotional issues with a psychologist.

Its time to realize that food and what you do with food will not make you a better person and that having a good self esteem based on the quality of your diet is hugely irrational. You are more than eating healthy. You as a person broaden out to someone who loves, someone who is fun and works..there's more to you than the next green smoothie. "Food is important but only a small aspect or your life"!

Remember that trying to be perfect will make you feel crazy.

Its time to lighten up and be gentle on yourself..

Don't forget to live your life..yes improve it but don't forget to live it!

Your enthusiasm for healthy eating doesn't become an eating disorder unless it becomes an obsession.

Eat healthy but remember that food encompasses more like culture and celebration.

Don't seek perfection.

Seek to be whole.

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