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I really want to talk about fidelity. Its interesting because as soon as I thought about in our society is about making a vow to only make love to one person.

However, when I explore further I also feel that its important to widen our view of fidelity to your friends, your beliefs, your values, your purpose in life and perhaps for some faith in the universe or God.

I feel that its time to to have fidelity to the notion of truth, kindness and love. People can be monogamous sexually to love, but at times untrue to the vows of love.

Just because someone is faithful doesn't mean that we should give permission to them to be abusive, belittling, or withholding our safety and security.

We owe fidelity to isn't enough to just have a partner or friend that is faithful yet allow them to treat us without respect.

When we care about others in a loving way this will demand fidelity.

Fidelity means to be consistent, trustworthy, committed, truthful, loving, staying vigilant in how you treat other people, how what may not matter to you...matters to them.

Fidelity means that you will care for another equally even if they have different views to you..I can tell you this isn't means that sometimes we need to stop ..pause and pay attention to what is actually happening ...

I've learnt that to have fidelity in relationships you must understand yourself first and not jeopardize what it is that supports your own self first. Sometimes this can be difficult when you care about others feelings, but fidelity involves that you are true to others honoring the sense of who you are.

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