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Acid Alkaline Workshop

Acid and Alkaline workshop is a workshop that homes in on each of us being individuals and how our body works.


  • We are all individuals worthy of individual consideration –that’s why I love my work because it enables me to work one on one with people.

  • We all have different eating patterns and requirements and needs.

  • So in this workshop Karina will provide information based on current research and the needs of our physical body reduced to cellular health and conductive to good health!!! 


Healthy CELLS = Healthy BODY


At a Acid Alkaline Workshop Karina will present:


  • The Naturopathic Nutritional Concept of Acid-Alkaline


  • The body is alkaline by design but acidic by function

  • pH?? What is it? What does the term mean?

  • How the body maintains Acid/Alkaline Balance

  • The consequences of high acid levels in our body-the laundry list

  • Other things that can affect acid levels and increase pH levels in our body

  • Simple tips to help alkalise the body 

  • Supplements  that encourage an alkaline environment in the body


This is an empowering workshop that has you look into what you eat, how this affects your cells and your body...  

Education at it's best.



This is a TWO hour workshop.

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | Acid alkaline workshop
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