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Tuna Salad

Walnuts will dress up your tuna salad. It's tastier when the walnuts are toasted. Walnuts are great for your brain function. They look like little brains too.



Serves 4

  • 1can Tuna in olive oil

  • 1large stalk Celery, chopped

  • 1small Cucumber, sliced

  • ¼cup Walnuts, chopped

  • 1small Tomato, chopped

  • 1cup Spinach

  • Season to taste



  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl except the spinach.

  2. Drizzle with dressing of your choice. I love olive oil, lemon and Celtic salt.

  3. Season with fresh herbs.

  4. Place on spinach leaves over your plate and enjoy!

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