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Change your body, change your mind.

Mind over matter: new book says mindset, not extreme dieting, key to health

Paleo, 5:2, Atkins, quitting sugar, juice cleanses: the glut of conflicting information about the latest and greatest diets has left many Australians confused when it comes to finding the right health path.

But a new book, written by  Australian naturopath Karina Francois, proposes that making a permanent change to one's health doesn't come with a fancy name or a celebrity endorsement: it comes down to clean eating and a change of mindset. Clean Food, Clear Thinking goes far beyond providing facts about healthy and unhealthy foods and recipes, educating the reader on the basic fundamentals required for health and weight-loss.

"Often we know what foods are in line with what our body needs, but then the mind gets involved and sabotages the commitment to our health.  Clean Food, Clear Thinking goes beyond the food we eat and how our body uses it, teaching the reader how to change their thinking to eliminate habits that have a detrimental effect on our health," says Karina.


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Based on naturopathic principles, Karina's approach  eliminates the need to ever go on a "diet" or try the latest fads. "My book aims to empower the reader with an understanding of what our cells need to function optimally. Given that our DNA hasn't changed in over 150,000 years, it follows that our cellular needs remain the same," says Karina.

"One of the main issues with the latest diets such as 5:2 and Paleo are that they are a one-size-fits-all approach, and while people might see results in the short-term, they simply can't sustain these extreme diets in the long-term. Clean Food, Clear Thinking is about making a long-term change to your eating habits."

A naturopath, health educator and public speaker, Clean Food, Clear Thinking was inspired by Karina's experience overcoming health issues in her teenage years, and watching clients struggle with behaviours around food. After overcoming eating disorders in her teenage years, Karina again fell ill and lost sight in her left eye. Fearing she had multiple sclerosis, she consulted a naturopath, who assisted her back to health. That experience proved to be the catalyst for Karina to complete her training in naturopathy and open her own practice.


In following with Karina's approach to sustainable weight loss, the book is broken down into three easy to digest sections: clean food nutrition, mindset: the psychology of weight loss, and recipes and an eating plan. 

For example, a sugar craving can indicate low magnesium and chromium levels, which can be resolved by taking supplements. But on a mindset level, these cravings can indicate a person may not have enough pleasure in their life, hold deep-seated emotions they haven't dealt with, or could mean that you do not honour yourself through the day, so at the end of the day a bar of chocolate satisfies this need. In this case, the book helps the reader to examine the balance between work, self, family and pleasure.

Clean Food, Clear Thinking is available online here in our Store, or you can purchase a copy at Infinite Health Practice or other leading book stores below.  

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Clean Food

Thinking Clear

" I am living proof that you can recover from an eating disorder; never have to diet again.  Clear the fog and gain clarity, start living and stop surviving."   

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