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Success Stories

We love to celebrate the amazing people that come into contact with us at Infinite Health Practice.

We celebrate each and every beautiful soul ....

Karina is absolutely  amazing!!!


With her help and knowledge I have been able to re think of what I put into my body and has made my skin heaps better with my psoriasis!!


Karina is truly amazing at what she does!! Xxxxx.


Thank you 

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | success stories

Mariah Ware... - we celebrate you...

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | success story

Just had Biomesotherapy- lots of fine needles with saline injected just under my skin and into muscle points around my shoulder and bicep muscle and arm.  This treatment stimulates the body’s own healing capacity, stimulates deeper organ systems known as cutivisceral response, and activates and attracts the blood back to the inflammation and pain areas and begins the healing process.


 I have already had success in healing my body by changing my mind and positive self talk and after today’s massage and needles I was able to move my arm/shoulder much more without any pain discomfort whatsoever could even put my arm behind and up my back!!  Haven’t been able to do that since I don’t know when!!  So first of a few sessions, going to get my heat pack now.  Thank you Karina J You have that healing touch and compassion about you.

Tracey Coby... - we celebrate you...

I am a mum of three children and I am 45 years old, my hair had been falling out for at least 6mths and I was constantly exhausted, tired and seemed to be always getting sick picking up everything. I decided it was time to go and see Karina.

My appointment was in mid October 2013, through the Eye Ronec- Iridology Karina asked me if I had ever had breast cancer I said no however I had 3 lumps removed in my right breast when I was 20 years old, she then asked when me when was the last time I had a mammogram my answer was when I was 20 years old. We spoke about a family history of breast cancer and I agreed to go and have a mammogram done.

Karina also gave me a list of blood tests that she wanted me to have done, and gave me some herbs and supplements to start taking. The loss of hair had started to decreased within three days, and I was not feeling as tired or exhausted even though I was packing and moving house.

On Monday the 9th of December I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it has been a life changing journey. Karina has been a very important part of my journey with cancer during the last 7 months on all levels, a lot of dietary changes were made, increasing and introducing new supplements. The building of my “immune system”, that has helped me to recovery from three operations within four months.

There have been some tough decisions I have had to make and at times I was very torn and an emotional wreck on what was the best way to go. Karina has always actively listened without judgement or opinion just sharing her own stories to help me and encourage me to come to my own decisions and to trust what was right for me.

I work with essential oils and I am a Raindrop Technique Practitioner at Aroma Raindrops. I have always felt that Karina respects the work that I do as a fellow practitioner this has enabled us to we work together to find the most ongoing appropriate treatment for me. I have learned a great deal from Karina and it has been a joy and a blessing to find someone that is so accepting of others.

I cannot think of anyone who surpasses her wealth of knowledge, care and concern, and continued interest in finding the best remedies and treatments for whatever ails a person, her knowledge and expertise in the field of naturopathy, nutrition and holistic counselling is simply outstanding.

I am truly blessed that I have been able to share this journey with you Karina; it is very hard to find the right words to express how grateful I am Thankyou

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | successful stories

Leisa Blakeley... - we celebrate you...

Best naturopath in Australia. Do yourself a favour ,  book in and see Karina. 

Strachan Robert... - we celebrate you...

The Infinite Health Practice Team


This might appear to be an unbelievable statement but it is true.


I thank Karina for virtually saving my life.



For in excess of three years I suffered every few days debilitating effects on my body such as loss of vision, profuse perspiration, inability to stand or walk plus vomiting that would last for several hours. Every test possible was taken by the medical profession such as MRI’s, Laser put into my ears, plus spent eleven days in Monash Hospital to no avail.


I was having my car repaired at Temple Body Works in Rowville when I suffered a turn and shortly after was told by the owner of the workshop he had suffered similar problems and that Karina had helped him. It was a last resort as I could not even go up the street without having a turn so I took his advice and attended infinite Health Studio.


The treatment Karina set immediately paid dividends and I have not had a major turn since.


Every day I am thankful for Karina setting me on the way to recovery.

Orange Blossom

Alan... - we celebrate you...

Jarod was a well and active 17 year old who came home from school complaining of a sore neck. We put it down to a sport strain as he went to a Seda sport college of basketball. The next day he complains of a headache but wanted to go to school to hand in his last assignment.


When at train station Jarod developed a sudden onset of paraesthesia in his left arm he called me so I returned to station to pick him up, on return to the station his right arm developed the same paraesthesia. I then drove him to the Berwick hospital and within hours it progressed to his lower limbs. Jarod was unable to move any part of his body from the chest down and had no feeling in his body. He was then rushed to the Monash Childrens Hospital and underwent many MRIs and scan to find out the problem. They found a blood clot in his neck and was diagnosed with a Spinal Cord Infarction (spinal cord stroke). After two weeks of IVGs (blood fusions) Jarod started to regain feeling in his fingers. We were then transferred to the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Center in Kew. We stayed at the Talbot for 3 months where Jarod started to retrain his body to move. With intense rehab Jarod was able to walk short distances with the aid of forearm crutches and an ankle foot orthotic (AFO) and someone behind as his right leg is still paralyzed. For long distances Jarod requires the use of a wheelchair due to the lack of endurance and difficulty navigating stairs and inclines.


March this year we were sent home to continue his rehab at home. Jarod has physio and OT (Occupational Therapy) every week. At the end of September I was aware that Jarod had come to a stand still he wasn't improving in his movement it was the same. I was talking to a friend and I said to her Jarod needs something else just to re boost his body. She suggested Jarod try Bio Puncture and the Karina is qualified . I rang Karina and told her what was going on. She then come over and did a consultation with Jarod and he the started the Bio Puncture. After 2 weeks we found that Jarod body felt FREE (Jarods words) and that he wasn't restricted. So we continued with the sessions. Every week we could see and Jarod's movement was improving more and more. After 6 sessions one per week Jarod is able to walk short distances without and aid at all.He can go longer distances with his forearm crutches. We now continue to have Bio Puncture monthly. I cannot recommend Bio Puncture more. It has helped Jarod to be able to walk independently and be able to do more for himself. Please watch videos as you can see with your own eyes the improvement that Bio Puncture is doing.

Alan... - we celebrate you...

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | celebrate you

We Celebrate YOU! 

Pam Yue


Because Karina is wonderful

Nadine Frampton


My health is a major priority now due to long term illness, karina has been instrumental in giving me back my life, albeit I have a long way to go, I am blessed to have Karina by my side helping every day to ensure I get the best attention, care and love on my journey. I would not be here today without the help, support and guidance from Karina. I will always be forever grateful that Karina has got me to were i am today.

Stephen Pascoe


Excellent experience

Marita Brady


Karina has help me get rid of my migraines. Her tonics are great and her products are the best.  No chemicals etc.   She helped my mum with dealing with chemo and cancer.   I will always be grateful.

Michele Coburn


Karina is amazing g at her job - and knows how to help people in a caring & professional manner.

Amy Ioannidis


Karina just has great knowledge she is attentive understand where you're coming from and everything that is required for the body and the mind is set to put in motion and take away with you to help you with just be the best version of yourself love my visits with Karina.

Jennifer Reedy


Great service.

Vikki Perry



Rachel Lagreca


Confidence in the plan created. Was listened to, felt very comfortable and supported.

Anne Robinson


Friendly service and satisfaction with what was given to me,  would recommend it to anyone.

Gabrielle Virgona


Completely professional knowledgeable advice and direction. Trusting and credible come to mind. Finally feel like I've made the right choice to support my health and well-being. Thanks to Karina X

Jade Nicole


Karina is so beautiful and understanding, full of knowledge based on research, took so much time out of her busy schedule to go through everything with me and am honestly feeling a lot better already.

Debbie Kypraios


I liked the service.

Rose Landolfi


I was very happy with the information I received and I felt very comfortable.

Peter Shaw


Great service!

Christopher Smith


Karina displays a thorough  knowledge both of the underlying issues related to health problems and in diagnosing appropriate remedies. These remedies include naturopathic products as well as addressing diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. She listens carefully and takes emotional and mental pressures and their impact on overall health. I confidently recommend Karina to others.

Toni Vance


Karina is more than a naturopath. She has insight and empathy. Karina goes above and beyond what I expected.

Reiser Sandra


I got a lot from the session and i feel that i can work through the issues i need to clear with karina's guidance and support... and i felt comfortable and safe with karina.

Anne Souter


Because Karina is AWESOME!

Alana Smith


So informative and caring. Really appreciate the time spent getting to know why the body could be reacting in certain ways.

Lorraine Fegan


Because I always get great service .

Riccardo Italiona


Really good insight into me. For the first time feel confident and excited about making progress in myself. Thank-you!

Chloe Todd


Guidance and supplied us both with a plan.  Eating and health wise.

Chloe Todd


Guidance and supplied us both with a plan.  Eating and health wise.

Nadine Frampton


Karina is amazing! Extremely professional, caring individual that wants to see you get well and enjoy life to the fullest.

Joanne Beck


Complete care and high level of personalised service with Karina, 100 % dedication to her patients

Dorell Paddon


Always caring informative and effective.

Gail Greenwood


It depends on what they are wanting to acheive or be treated for.

Tegan Cartright


Lovely friendly service. Great follow up and knowledge of natural medicines.

Hogan Bronwyn


Caring approach.
Detailed examination

Page Cullin


Just love Karina, she is knowledgeable, she listens, she cares, she is so calming and her help works.

Antonina Galeano


Karina offers a safe and nurturing environment, she listens and understands whatever I'm going through, shes genuine with a caring nature and this is why I reccomend her to everyone.

Kylie Souvatizis


It's such a great environment, Karina is patient, supportive and knows her stuff.

Michelle Fernande


Always feel fantastic visiting Karina :) she's an amazing naturopath.

Blake Sarah


Karina has helped me get my physical and mental health back

Dominica Mirabito


Very happy with the service & staff.

Courtenay Allen


Karina is so amazing! She really listens to everything you have to say and explains all of her recommendations thoroughly.

Kerri Butler


Because Karina is amazing and I trust her more than doctors at this point of my life.



Karina is very knowledgeable in her field and makes you feel comfortable and heard during get sessions. Have been feeling much happier within myself since her visits. 

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