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Karina is a Naturopath with 18 years experience, her passion is empowering people and equipping them with tools to enhance their life. Karina is also international author , her book is "Clean Food-Clear Thinking".


Karina believes that our Health is an infinite relationship with our bodies and also an infinite search for ways to enhance the gift of life that we are so grateful to have been given. Like the infinity symbol, she believes that it takes teachers and students working together, fully committed in this relationship to bring out the best in health and vitality of any individual. 


Karina has been running workshops for many years, she finds it a great way to empower people in a group environment, her workshops are fun and informative.  She aims to stimulant the minds of her participants, so that they can walk away with some wisdom, clarity and even new friendships.  Knowledge is Power, and Karina's workshops are a professional way to instil some tools that could potentially be life changing.

Message from Karina:

"I am a Karina Francois - a Naturopath that’s committed to inspire and assist women to nourish themselves so they can actualize their purpose in a significant way here on earth. I become excited when I see women attain more energy, endurance and self confidence with the simple understanding about what our body truly needs.

I have experienced personal illness and my passion to support you was ignited over 18 years ago. I was so confused as to what our cells need that when I learnt the basic fundamentals I have not looked back."

All the above workshops are available for you to host.


Workshops are a great way, for participants to learn hands on, to be stimulated with knowledge, after all power is knowledge.


Karina's workshops are fun and informative.  She aims to ensure that participants walk away with some wisdom, clarity and experience from attending one of her workshops.


All workshops are $247


If you wish to run two of the Two Hour Workshops we can run this for $394  (this is a saving of $100)


This is only a few of the workshops that are available, if you have a specific request TALK to US we would love to discuss your ideas!


Are you interstate/Overseas? - Please email us at to discuss the costs!


We have a Mileage RADIUS  so if you are further than 100kms from Beaconsfield - We are still happy to travel but there maybe additional costs.

IT is super EASY to host a workshop!


  1. Choose the workshop that you would like to host.

  2. For the  workshop  to be functional, it requires a minimum of 10 paying participants.

  3. As the host you will receive 15% commission on total participants attending. 

  4. Plus you will participate for free.

  5. Provide a screen or wall for the projector

  6. Provide tables and chairs - we will tell you how to set them up 

  7. Provide a kitchen area

  8. Provide toilet amenities 

  9. Provide a DATE you would like to hold the workshop

  10. Provide your own advertising within your community to bring participants

  11. We will also share on our network of over 7000 followers

SO what's in it for YOU! - Why would you host a workshop?


  1. 15% commission on the total of paying participants - earning capacity

  2. Free participation for you the HOST

  3. Adding Value to your business

  4. Branding out and affiliating with Karina Francois/Infinite Health Practice CLICK on the MEDIA logo to see her recent Media

  5. Not paying Speaker fees of $800 an hour

  6. Empowering your clients with knowledge

  7. Advertising provided for you - you just need to change VENUE details


All participants will:

  • Receive a Manual or a copy of Karina's Book Clean Food-Clear Thinking

  • Sample of Clean Eating Tea

  • Healthy Snacks will be provided and refreshments

  • They will participate in hands on activities  - the activities vary between each workshop

    • Meditation

    • Juicing

    • Mini Consult

    • Smoothie making

    • Food tasting

    • Visual boards

    • using herbs 

    • ETC.....




Call us on (03) 9707 5745 to make your booking  



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