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Herbal Manufacturing Workshop

Herbs outlive most natural disasters and the power of that in itself proves how resilient they are and the incredible life force that they have.


Consuming anything with such amazing life force and energy will only bring in the same to our physical body.


In this Herbal Manufacturing workshop Karina shares with participants the wisdom of herbal medicine.

At a Herbal Manufacturing Workshop, Karina will present:

  • Decoctions to taste

  • Dandelion liver tonic

  • Chai Digestive tonic

  • We will be making cold and flu remedies and taking them home like garlic oxymels and raspberry cough syrup.

  • We will also be playing around with poultices and compresses and taking home lots of recipes to make baths for respiratory infections and eye washes.

  • We will end the day with an amazing mustard foot bath traditionally used to assist tired feet and circulation issues.

  • Manual

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | Hibiscus flower

This is hands on  fun workshop where participants will learn the value of herbs, they will learn to make tonics and use herbs as part of their everyday lives.

This is a FOUR hour workshop.

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