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Chakra Foods Workshops

Karina Francois Naturopath specializes in nutrition both physically and also on an invisible energy level.


This is her understanding as Food and invisible energy:


“Foods have specific energy vibrations that will interact with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of that body that are embedded in our Chakras.


The challenges, problems and opportunities that live within the chakra and body-soul connection always require certain vibrations for healing.


These vibrations can be obtained through our interaction arising from the consumption of foods, drinks, herbal teas, herbs and supplements. 


What we eat  and drink has amazing potential to bring harmony into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and thus the chakras.


When we learn to use foods and to eat in alignment with our centre, true healing begins’.


Nutrition and the body and spirituality form a solid relationship.

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | Chakra foods workshop

Food provides energy to the chakras and affections the emotions of the body mind and spirit.  Food gives vibrancy by feeding these energetic layers of the chakras.


Understanding our health through our chakras enables us to move beyond food just being functions to being more sacred and divine.


Optimum human function through great nutrition means that we can feel more grounded and creative and to live in the present moment.  Nourishing our body means that we can focus on tasks and feel accomplished.  We take care of ourselves and radiate.  When our weight is ideal we have clear eyes and speak our truth.


When we harness our energy, connect to the environment and be in a place of balance.


At a Chakra Foods Workshop Karina will cover :

  • Nutrition-body-spirituality form a solid relationship

  • Food+eating=body and soul=feeling complete and full of love

  • Chakras are energy centres-food provides energy to these centres

  • Food affects-emotions, body, mind and spirit

  • Understanding our health through our chakras enables us to move beyond food just being functional to more sacred and divine

  • Food helps to take us to a heightened realm of energy

  • Food help us gain glowing health

  • Food give us vibrancy by feeding the energetic layers of the chakras


This is a TWO hour workshop.


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