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Nutrition Workshop

Karina teaches nutrition by looking at what our cells need ,what our body really needs ,because if our cells are healthy then our overall body will benefit.


Once we have the understanding of our cellular needs there is no need to go on a ‘diet’ or try the new ‘fads’.  Our DNA hasn’t changed in over 150,000 years so our cellular needs pretty much stay the same.


Cellular health is not rocket science. It follows the natural laws of Mother Nature.  Karina  promises you that its easy and she believes that with this workshop will bring you understanding, you will be empowered for life to make the right choices meal in and meal out .


When we eat well we also feel well.  In feeling well we can thereby accomplish all that we dream possible.  Without your health you have nothing .  


Karina also promises not to confuse or overwhelm you with a new set of rules. Its about feeding yourself real foods that are easy and simple to prepare and taste delicious.


At a Nutrition Workshop Karina will Cover:


  • Naturopathic Principles-Foundations for Healthy Living

  • Nutrition Cellular needs

  • NutritionProtein

  • Nutrition Carbohydrates

  • Nutrition Fats

  • PH Water

  • Enzymes/probiotics/prebiotics/fermented product

  • Vitamins and Minerals

  • Herbal tonics and teas

  • Non cellular needs Toxic foods and drinks

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Detox, Digestion, Food sensitivities



You want to truly empower yourself and make some life changing decisions about Food then this is the workshop to go and be empowered.


This is a TWO hour workshop.


If you wish to run the Acid/Alkaline and Nutrition together you can request this.

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