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2019 August - Looking for 10 Women



You’ve tried all the fads, joined all the cheap online programs, let’s be honest none of it really worked.  You are not getting the results you seek.  You desperately want to have enough energy to fulfill your life goals, your daily roles as a mum, friend, sister, grandmother, as YOU!


The problem is it’s a broken record inside that mind, it is the same little lies that go over and over telling you it is ok to fail!


To add to this, you are clouded by misinformation about good health, which incorporates an understanding about cellular health as well as a permanent change in MINDSET.

Let’s face it – YOU aspire to be TRULY happy, and honestly it is difficult to be happy if you feel unwell!


This is about taking responsibility and stopping the little lies you tell yourself!  Its not too late for a resolution!


As a woman it is up to us to set an example and lead our tribe of children and peers.


I am looking to work with women 10 women that have had enough, want to own their STUFF – Their Health and start to take responsibility for themselves.


Now is the time and I promise you it won’t be difficult!

My name is Karina Francois and I have helped women do the same, let’s get excited together about improving your self-confidence, your energy, and your SPUNK!  Enough alreaady!


It is time to improve your mind and body join me to make NOW when you truly do this. 

Why is the programme for you?


In this package but we focus on nutrition and mindset to get you that ultimate goal!.


The key to this program is mindset and nutrition education which equals FREEDOM!


We can learn and learn all about eating correctly and freeing your mind of sabotage!

I can offer in house appointments at the clinic in Berwick or Skype appointments are available.

Call (03) 9707 5745/0409510094

to make that commitment.

* I will only be taking those that are serious in making the commitment as the programme is non refundable

LOVE to Join me?

This package includes:

Over a 5 week period

Part one of the programme :5 x 1 hour weekly Mindset Coaching Consultations

This part of the programme about getting through the blocks of self-sabotage and you inability to commit to health.

Lets work through the blocks to why you cant commit to health including self sabotage, and the deep reasons why you mentally struggle to take care of you.

  • Health management and weight loss management is a life change

  • Discovering the big WHY?

  • Self Esteem

  • Self Responsibility

  • Body and self-image

  • Where are you going

  • Successfully making life changes

  • Learning to love exercise

  • Your tribe-support network

  • Relief from stress


Part two of the programme :5 x 1/2 hour weekly Ultra lite keto clean programme including-weigh ins and touching base weekly nutrition and fat loss

We don't believe in Diets, we believe in a program to benefit you...


Enough dieting Already !!!

LOVE you! And start to FEEL healthy and Energized....

Yes over indulgence can slowly see those kgs creep up on us, our clothes begin to feel tight. And before we know it we are thinking of a new wardrobe. 

The thought of a DIET can curl your toes up...

But what instead of a new wardrobe you invested in a program not a diet!


But a program that teaches you to make good choices, and help you feel great and the added bonus is drop those kgs.

Ultra Lite Program - is not just a weight loss program it is a life style change that has a bonus you will lose weight 


What is Ultra Lite?
It is a program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off.

You can lose up to 10kg in 5 weeks ! 

This part of the program is designed to support you on your life changing journey.


This part of the program is not just about losing weight, but is also about learning how best to care for your body. 

We call it the intelligent program because we do not want you to starve yourself, we want you to eat real foods, we want you to eat 3 meals a day and we want you to start to feel the benefits of losing the excess weight but to feel great on the inside too.



  • 1 on one sessions mindset and weight loss weekly for 5 sessions

  • Nutritional information

  • Nutritional cook book and weekly nutrition suggestions

  • Weekly catch up weigh ins

  • Weekly measurements

  • Weekly food diary

  • Programme satisfies cravings and appetite

  • Fat loss

  • Eat 3 meals a day real food

  • No meal replacements

  • Protein sachels

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Keto sticks

  • Flaxseed oil

  • Cravings Relief formula


Choice 1 

Value $1500.00- you pay $1350 if up front(save $150)


Choice 2

Deposit of $300

followed by 

4  weekly payments of x $300


Please note that:

Any prescriptions, additonal flaxseed oil or apple cider, habit relief formula, food/hormone testing, bodywork are extra costs if required.