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Ultra Lite We Celebrate You

Ultra Lite Celebration Stories

Well done Connie Giagiopoulos you're on fire! 4.5kgs 43cm in 3 weeks! You look so empowered!

Well doneMarg! Looking super healthy . Over 4 kilos and over 40 cm in 3 weeks  so proud of your10 weeks and you've truly changed your life. 13.2 kilos gone ! I love that you have been talking about doing this for health now . 

Well done Maria ! Looking super healthy . Over 4 kilos and over 40 cm in 3 weeks  so proud of your new found commitment to health and well-being .


Well done Shelley, almost 7 kilos and 42cm . You had a huge goal to get healthy for your 40th . I've loved watching your journey of transformation . Super proud of you . Blessed that you trusted me looking forward to seeing you kick some more health goals over the next few weeks

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | ultra lite before and after

Angelica  has done the Ultra Lite program, having done the training and realising this was something that could work with her lifestyle, but the bonus for her was it was eating REAL food, no replacements, just food that she was already purchasing.


Angelica had recently given up smoking, and like most who give up this habit, they wil turn to food as a comfort or something to do with their hands.


So we thought we would share Angelica’s journey with you…



Week 1


Jodie How did you feel on the first day of Ultra Lite?


Angelica I have to be honest and say that I felt foggy, hungry and wanted to buy a packet of cigarettes.  But my willpower told me that I can do this.


Jodie When did you start to feel the benefits of eating clean food?


Angelica I started to fill great by the 3rd day into the program, I knew that my body was starting to go into Ketosis by then. My hunger had disappeared.  The cravings go away I am using the Habit Relief once a day. I started to feel more energised.  My thinking was a lot clearer.  Although my hunger had disappeared I ensured I ate as I did not want my body to go into starvation mode.

Week 1 continued....


Jodie- How much did you lose in your first week?


Angelica 3.2Kg and I lost 10cm. I feel absolutely fantastic in this week alone I feel like my bloating in my stomach has gone and my clothes are just that tincy little bit loser.


Jodie What were the challenges for you?


Angelica - Giving up coffee was a big thing for me, as I only had the one coffee a day, but I see this as not forever but only something to help lose the weight where I am comfortable and healthy and I if I wish to go back to this after I have reached my goal I can.


YES – Apples were a favorite of mine I loved a crunchy apple a day.  BUT again this is not a forever thing it is merely a tool that is teaching me how to eat within portion size, clean eating and a tool that allows me to shift those unwanted kilos.


Jodie So you are now in week two, is it becoming easier? Have you had to eat out?


Angelica In week two I am much more organised, I write my shopping list, I buy enough vegetables/salad for 3 days so it doesn’t go to waste.  I purchase a weeks worth of meat and I portion it out straight away. If works out cheaper this way too.  I sit down once a week to plan my menu’s for the whole week about an hour in my time. 


Yes I have eaten out and I choose the right options when I do go out, my life hasn’t stopped because I am on the Ultra Lite Program.  It just about those better choices.


Week 3


3rd Week –total weight loss .400grams with a 6cm loss for the 3rd week


TOTAL for 3 weeks: was 4.7 KGS and 27cm


Jodie - How are you feeling health wise into the 3rd week…


Angelica - I have lots more energy, exercise has become easier even my morning runs are much easier. Clothes are becoming loser.


Jodie - Is the program still easy to do, is it becoming part of your routine?


Angelica - I noticed that week 3 I am being more creative with my foods, it is starting to become part of my life. Trying different herbs and spices. I am still eating out, just making better choices, I had Chinese on Saturday night, I chose the meat and vegetables.  I found I didn’t miss the rice.


Jodie - Were there any challenges?


Angelica - Yes I stumbled on some emotional eating, after an upset that happened. Something beyond my control, and I did what I always had done I looked for that quick fix. But as much I stumbled I think it is fair to say that I recognise that I actually did this, so I think it will become easier when challenged again when life throws those wobblies at you.


Jodie - With your result how did you feel?


Angelica - At first I focused on the only .400gms, but when I looked at my overhaul journey I have lost 4.7kgs plus 27cm… As I do exercise 5 times a week with running and gym I reminded myself that Fat actually turns to muscle.  This is the proof in the situation when it is only .400gms but I still lost 6cm, hence my fat is turning to muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat.  So I am letting go of the .400gm loss and embracing that my clothes are feeling so much better on me and that is a bonus!

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | ultra lite week 3



I'm so proud of this woman ! Well done Gwenda!


Gwenda came to see Jodie after a fall . She said it was a wake up call .

She came to a point where she had to do something .


She found it easy and has learnt a new way of eating .She has lost 8 kilos. Feels and looks better.


Her friends are surprised that haven't seen her in a while .


The best thing about it is that her blood sugars have improved and her blood pressure has dropped. If you feel ready to do the same organise a time to see Jodie.


Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 8kg down
Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | lost 25kg

BIG Congratulations to Brent... 

What an amazing achievement 25KGs GONE! and he has kept it off... smile emoticon 

SUPER happy and doesn't he look GREAT!

We celebrate you BRENT...

Our Ultra Lite Program is for Men also.. in fact we have had quite a few men take up the challenge and step up and change their life through the Ultra Lite Program...



WE celebrate the Beautiful Connie.  


Connie Lost 16.7kg's and she looks amazing.  


Connie still maintains the Ultra Lite program into her life and she is still losing weight.


Fantastic Achievement!


Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | lost 16.7kg
Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 16.3kg down

Celebration time !!! Whoop whoop!! 


Well done Martha 16.3 kilos down and on your way to  amazing health goals !


We are really proud of you . Join us on your health goal journey.


Real women, helping real women.... 




It's celebration time again ! Well done Sandra ! No more blood pressure meds, no more bloating, no more indigestion . Since being on the programme Sandra says that it's the only thing that she's tried that's worked


Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 25kg down
Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 9.1 kg down

Celebration time !!! SIMPLY AWESOME


Well done Coralee 9.1 kilos down, congratulations on achieving your goal weight !


Super Proud, that you continued on even through obstacles .


Join us on your health goal journey......


Real women, helping real women.... 



Celebration time !!!


Well done to the beautiful Kena she is 10.4 kilos down, congratulations on achieving your weight loss so far!


So SUPER proud, all your amazing enthusiasm has paid off! 


Join us on your health goal journey......


Real women, helping real women....  


We simply love it!



Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 10.4kg down
Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 8.8 kg down

Celebration time !!!


Well done to the gorgeous Pauline, she is 8.8 kilos down, BIG congratulations on achieving your weight loss so far!


This has been an amazing journey for you, and to see your health improve is just an added bonus! 


Pauline had presented with a knee that caused restrictions, and from reducing her weight she has been able to go back to really enjoying her bowls and other activities.  


Winter/Cold Days - are now becoming pleasant, as they no longer are the grey cold days causing the pain they once use to in the inflamed knee.


Real women, helping real women....  


Truly is a journey of health, and what a beautiful celebration it is to see Pauline's health improving because she chose to step forward and lose her 8.8 kilos..


We celebrate you Pauline!



I am so proud of this Gorgeous woman...

With Commitment, self belief and of course our amazing programs!!!

The beautiful Hayley says...
"I'm a tiny bit proud of myself. In 5 weeks I have lost 10.5kg and a total of 60cm. Thought I would do a chicken pose to celebrate #motherhen #weightlossLOTS OF LOVE TO @karinafrancoisnaturopath — with Karina Eva Ciampini."


We are amazingly happy for you Hayley - We celebrate you!

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 10.5kg down
Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | 8.3 kg down

The very Beatutiful Mina Johns, it has been a fabulous journey...


8.3 kilo's down plus 53cms down...


We celebrate you, for your amazing determination, the committment to yourself and the achievement of working towards your goal...



Real women, helping real women....


Well done Mina, it has been a pleasure to be working with you on your journey! 

Text 0409510094
to take up the challenge.
It is an Obligation Free appointment,
take the challange up and learn more about the
Ultra Lite Program.

Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | celebrate you
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