Day Spa is now available

Introducing this new and exciting service to Infinite Health Practice.


The aim is to keep it as pure as we can, and the products that we have chosen is from 

Infinite Health Practice chose the USPA range,

for it is a product that ensures that wherever possible the ingredients in the products, are organically grown and produced in Australia.


Plus the products enitce the senses, so naturally we wanted to share and have our clients experience the best possible natural sensational indulgence possible.


YES - the products are  also cruelty free!

As explained by 





By using plants and herbs in our daily life through skin care, aromatherapy, body treatments even freshly cut flowers, we can experience their remarkable chemistry. Effectively engaging nature leads to total beauty and a sense of wellbeing.


We are continuously sourcing new ingredients and ways to incorporate them into our unique range of products. To enhance the functionality and application of our botanical ingredients we use the latest technologies. This creates a truly superior, better balanced and effective approach to our daily skin care routine.


Uspa is all about delivering outstanding results for both sexes. We take pride in our high standards of excellence as each product is regularly tested to ensure it meets our philosophy and standards of professional integrity.






Day spa packages


Soothing the senses - $99.00 - 60mins of bliss


Using amazing botanical products and hot towels, this is a luxurious skin treatment followed by a face, head neck, arms and shoulder massage.  Experience the beauty of our botanicals and your face will feel the healing wonders. 60 minutes of soothing indulgence.


Feet Treat - $59.00 - 45mins of  bliss


Feet treat: 45 minutes  $59.00 foot massage, foot cleanse and exfoliation followed by our ion cleanse detox.


The Ultimate Treat - $149.00 - 90mins of  bliss


Facial + Massage + a lovely cup of our clean tea- = 90 minutes of pure bliss

Let’s start with a yummy feet indulgence., followed by a facial using our amazing USPA Botanical Products,  a skin treatment to die for, followed by a luxurious massage , focussing on the head, neck, shoulders, back , arms and hands.  Afterwards sit back and enjoy a lovely cuppa.


Back Blissfulness - $99.00 - 60mins of  bliss


A facial for you gorgeous back.  This treatment is a perfect cleanse, exfoliation and steam on the skin before applying a mask.  Then you can relax into a back, neck and arm massage.


Body Bamboo Polish - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


This is the ultimate in full body exfoliation using the beautiful herbs of ginseng and ginkgo with bamboo beads followed by a hydrating body cream.  Let us remove those dead cells, increase cellular circulation and then followed by a relaxing back, head and arms massage.


Organic Body Scrub & Detox - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


This is the most amazingly uplifting body scrub that is not only cleansing but detoxing filled with caffeine, sea kelp and grapefruit to help relieve fatigue.  This is followed by a dry oil relaxation massage.


Mineral rich mud therapy - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


First we start with massaging the mineral infused mud to exfoliate your body deeply purifying and exfoliating. Beautify and heal.  This mud contains calcium, iodine, magnesium, copper and zinc which helps to regenerate the skin.

Hot Oil Body Wrap - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


This is a dry body brushing, followed by a full body massage with the elixir of your choice.

Orcanic Coco Cream Wrap - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


This is a dry body brushing, followed by a soothing coconut cream and coconut oil infused into the skin, followed by a luxurious warm massage.

Coffee and Sea Kelp Contour Wrap - $165.00 - 90mins of  bliss


This is a wonderful treatment, for wanting to increase your cells metabolism this wrap is for you. This wrap is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Be exfoliated and nourished by this blissful treatment. Followed by a beautiful massage.

To make a booking call (03) 9707 5745

We Welcome you to Infinite Health Practice, please browse our website and find a service that will suit you.


We have lots to offer you, and to start you on your journey, of wonderful, invigorating HEALTH!



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