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Clean Food and Clear Thinking Complete Pre-Launch Pack-  We are taking pre-orders on my new book that will be released by the end of the year (all going to plan :).  Inclusive is the 2 week Clean Eating Detox-tea and detox guide..Normally $ $49.95..
We are happy to send out the tea and detox guide to renewing your Health and vitality now and the book when it arrives.

Finally I can reach out to a wider audience in sharing and inspiring as I have on a day to day basis in the community that I work in!

Clean Eating Tea & Clean Food/Clear Thinking Book

  • Introducing Clean Tea ! Traditionally used to assist in the following: *insomnia *immunity-antibacterial and antiviral *menstrual cramps *anxiety/stress/depression *IBS, digestion, pain and discomfort *soothing to the gut *menstrual cramps *period regulator *useful in skin irritations *body fat and cholesterol lowering *blood pressure regulation *anti-oxidant *blood sugar control *rich in vitamin c *heart tonic *gallbladder/liver and thyroid support in graves *headaches *congestion *fatigue *oedema and swelling of the lymphatic system, swollen glands and cysts *useful in water retention, cystitis *mood regulator *assists the bodies detox processes and best of all it TASTES AMAZING.. Please Note: There are tiny amounts of Licorice in the in this Tea, therefore I have to advise that it is contraindicated if you are on HBP medication, or MAO inhibitors/anti-depressants. Do not drink if you are pregnant, breastfeeding and if you are a child. Consult a physician before using the tea.
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