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Winter Gem Tea

I love herbal teas!


Day and night!


Hot or cold!


Introducing one of our favourite teas

 " Winter Gem"


The nights are getting cooler and soon winter will be upon us.

May you are begining to suffer,  the sniffles or you are feeling like your body  is doing it's best not to get that dreaded cold.

Can we suggest trying Karina Francois - "WINTER GEM" tea!

this tea is SIMPLY scrumptious.




Winter Gem is traditionally used for the following:

* Maintenance
* Immune boosting
* Anti Microbial
* Cold/Flu
* Sore throat
* Drying up mucus
* Soothing lungs & gut
* Blood flow to help get rid of colds
* Stomach bugs

This tea is scrumptious, but the amazing soothing qualities it has will benefit you.


Don't forget to cover your cup up, to benefit from the brew. Drink at least 3 cups a day.

You can purchase a packet in our store by clicking on the the button.


But we love to see you come down to the clinic to pick up a packet of  the "Winter Gem" tea.

Organically grown therapeutic tea - created by a Naturopath


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Why Tea is so VERY magical.....

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Infinite Health Practice | Karina Francois | Why tea is magical
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