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I'll never forget the day that I left my solicitors office a year after leaving my husband with the knowledge that I had signed away over $800,000 that I was entitled to. I wasn't surprised but I had to make a choice overnight as to whether I would re-open the case and take him back to court to receive these entitlements. My solicitor was an amazing lady. She said to me..'I know you are one sensitive soul, and I have watched you go through a lot..the choice will be can choose to go back and fight..or you can choose to use that same energy into creating something that you love"... Well you can all guess what I did right?...I turned away on the past and moved forward into creating what I love. I love to help people! You may all think Im crazy ..however...the choice of moving forward and surrounding myself with positive energy, determination and drive to create I will never regret. The universe has looked after me and I am forever grateful to this women who I now call my friend for the advice that she gave me on that day. So what choice will you make today? And I am certainly not advising that you do the same...all that I am saying is that sometimes the best decisions are made when we let go of the attachments to stuff and know that we have a choice where we can find freedom in deciding whats right for us my love to you all...Kari...con amor

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