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You cannot fly if your Nest has been Shaken!

So its been a couple of years since I blogged. Its been a couple of years because for a little while now I've been existing.

I never really truly knew what a personal crisis can do to what you love doing.

Mum's passing felt like a gate was placed around all that I loved to do. The trauma of her illness, how quickly she died and dealing with everybody else's emotions including my own family. The grief that comes and goes in waves...

YOU CANNOT FLY IF YOUR NEST HAS BEEN SHAKEN!..this is something I have realised!

Its helped me re-address everything I do , and how I move forward in assisting others in a deeper way, but also in a way that serves me so that I can continue to give without being wiped out.

I found solace in pilates, and doing the little things that help restore my body mind and spirit.

Having an amazing circle of encouragers around me has been what has saved me. A beautiful family... a chosen family of friends that always have my back and you know who you all are.

I look forward to a new way of being.

I love my one on one consultations including weight loss, herbal medicine, weight loss and mindset for women.

I have some exciting rebranding of my teas coming, more workshops including soul'ful business coaching with Michelle Scott Numerologist in our Wellness community and also contributing to other groups.

I will be running herbal manufacturing workshops and cooking workshops soon and I look forward to teaching you all things you can apply to your every day lives ...I want to share a lot of herbal medicine teas, tonics, elixirs so that this knowledge gets passed on in future generations.

My energy is back and I look forward to some more blogging.

Lots of love and hugs for you all including those that are grieving for I have now realised that grief is chronic and you live with it. Its now part of who we are and its a new way of being, a deeper more meaningful way to be <3

If you would like to see me in my new energy ..

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Karina Francois Naturopath


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