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Don't by afraid of the truth..if it happened talk about it...

When I was a teenager I suffered from anorexia and bulimia. It’s such a long time ago and having completely healed from this experience I feel that when I talk about this it actually feels like I am speaking about somebody else.

I was 15 Years old and had been sexually violated by a relative at the time. My grandmother had passed away and the love of my life wasn’t paying any attention to me, well thats what I thought at the time :). My mother had many issues around her weight and was quite impressionable as I modeled and watched her take on every diet that she could think of. My father was a very dominant man and I was brought up to not be allowed to feel angry or sad and get over it already there were people worse off in Ethiopia..(mum would say).

Being the middle child I felt like I had no place or voice in the family.

Even after my parents found out about my sexual abuse they never honoured my story. I felt disgusting and almost like I had brought this experience on myself. I felt dirty. I felt ugly. I felt lonely. I felt black and black is all that I wore. I felt fat. I felt out of control.

When someone attacks your vulnerability and trust you lose everything. I even lost faith in GOD.

I was sad, very sad inside and began to hate myself. I had no self esteem and lost all value in myself. I had no identity and there was no pleasure in my life.

The only thing I felt I could control at the time was food. I wanted to lose weight, because I thought I was too fat. However, what I was in fact doing was wasting away and wanting to die. For I felt there was no place on this earth here for me. Why would there be when the two people in your life that are supposed to protect, believe and honour you had not.

I ended up in hospital weighing 38kg and they couldn’t find my pulse. It was thanks to a DR asking me if I really wanted to die that I snapped out of it and started at Monash hospital getting the care that I needed.

I started to read self help books and tried to rebuild myself and the void inside and never gave up.

What we do with food whether its obstaining from eating, eating too much, drinking in excess, bingeing and obsessing has nothing to do with food. It is a side effect of what’s happening in our lives and more so what’s happening in ourselves.

Growing and rebuilding your true identity is the answer and thankfully having been through it myself, I am now able to help others that are going through the same.

The most important change in rebuilding myself esteem came when my parents finally said ‘sorry’ and honoured my story and I will say that this only happened recently in my life.

Rebuilding my self esteem, mindset and identity also came about after my divorce. Not having fully healed and meeting my ex husband propelled me to further personal growth as I was involved with a man that was more damaged than me. I tried to fix him and save him, and living with a narcissist first stripped me to the core then became a gift in disguise as I found the courage to leave and take responsibility for me and my two boys. I lost my eyesight in the marriage from all the stress and fearing that I had Multiple Sclerosis at the time I visited a naturopath who assisted me back to health.

This experience was a pivotal point in my life and gave me lasting inspiration to nourish my mind and body and go back to University and become a Naturopath.

My children and health were my motivation to leave my marriage as there was no way that I would allow for them and me to live in an environment that was so unpredictable and violent.

I left with very little for all I wanted was to be peaceful and happy.

It was very difficult financially, but I just did what I had to do. One day I did over 12 massages in my little shop in Beaconsfield that I could hardly move my arms.

I pushed and pushed and built my business. Even though I needed to feed my children I was really fulfilled in helping others. I love to relieve peoples pain! I don’t like to see people in pain.

So here I was with two small children to take care of and a little business that I worked hard in 7 days a week, helping others improve their health and at the same time growing as a person myself.

I dreamt big. I never got a business loan. I saved and saved and only grew with what I could afford with the fear that I would place my children’s livelihood at risk.

If I can do it so can you!!!!

It is so rewarding to know that all my love and effort has become a lovely place for clients to attend and I now know who I am. I have my true identity. I will never go against my values. Oh and I am with the love of my life <3 . How cool is that! He loves me and I feel like a Queen .

Happily, two years ago I opened my wellness centre and changed the name from Beaconsfield Natural Medicine to Infinite Health Practice. I pushed through huge fears and took so much courage to take the leap and it’s such a beautiful space to work in and sit back and watch the positive changes that we effect on peoples lives.

I now treat thousands of people every year and lots of my clients travel from afar to soak into the range of workshops and activities like yoga, pilates and meditation,

We also offer Hormone and food sensitivity testing, homeopathy, herbs, iridology, biomesotherapy, weight loss programs, and holistic counseling to name a few services.

I love to teach and have fun doing it. I conduct events on topics such as nutrition, food addiction, hormones and women’s health issues and have developed a health line of teas and tonics along with educational seminars, workshops and upcoming programs.

I’ve also written a book, that will soon be released and is in print called “Clear Food-Clear Thinking”. The idea of the book is to share my message to a wider audience .

Alongside the book our best selling tea “ Clean Eating- Clear Thinking’…was released and has had an amazing response.

The favourite part of my work are the one on one consultations. I love to get to know my clients so that I can offer the most personalized service. Getting your health right is not only learning what is causing your health issues, but also what is going on in your life.

I believe that we all have a story and it is in our story that most of our gifts to the world are. I want to know your story so that I help you reach your ultimate potential. I want to teach you so that you are empowered to take responsibility for your health in both your body and mind.

It is in this moment of taking responsibility that you say yes to life like I did that day in the hospital when the Dr asked me if I wanted to live or die.

By Saying Yes to Life in the face of the ever changing dynamics we chose to live and live again. We move through cycles and even in our hardships is where our deepest transformations occur.

You know that saying "don't die with your music still inside you"?...Everyone has things they dream of when they put their head on their pillow at night. Unfortunately if the voice isn't honoured, this doesn't go anywhere and this music will always live still inside you.

You cannot ignore this energy. Its part of what makes you human. So if when you lay down to sleep at night and you are called to do something in this world and you ignore it, then that dream will always be locked away inside you...for me this is the worst thing ever..feeling trapped as the frustration festers.

My music is that of being in service, of serving others. I am grateful for all my experiences for it is in these experiences that I can draw on to assist others to grow too.

Do what makes you smile. Don't get to the end of your life and regret the things you didn't do. Your life is precious so don't sell yourself out, because true happiness comes from fulfilling your dreams and there is so much freedom in that.

It would be an honour to meet you if you feel that my services can assist you in any way I can be contacted as per details below.

Con Amor…With Love…Kari <3


For tea and book orders, and upcoming workshops and events go to

Or contact the clinic (03) 9707 5745

We are also seeking wholesale national distributors for our tea, or if you are a health profession interested in stocking the tea please email.

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