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How to be an Intrinsic Exerciser

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It is a constant that happens week in and week out, regardless of what else is going on. The exerciser cannot imagine going a week without working out.

That’s because they love what they do. Learning to love exercise is, in fact, a key to a successful weight management and wellness program. It means viewing exercise as an end in itself - a source of pleasure for it’s own sake - rather than a means to an end.

Our body is designed to move. Keep moving ☺

Those who love exercise for it’s own sake are able to develop intrinsic motivation to work out, walk, partake in dance classes or do yoga. Rather than focusing on the very real but distant benefits of exercise - fat loss, inner health, strength, muscle-tone - they focus on the immediate positive benefits of exercising - the great feeling that comes with a successfully completed a session. Those who are able to make this switch are going to succeed because they will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that they get their session in. This ensures regularity. And regularity ensures success. You need to be an intrinsic exerciser.

How To Be An Intrinsic Exerciser

Find Personal Meaning:

I love to train after long days in the clinic..helps to give me clarity. Weight training makes me feel strong and powerful, keeps my back in check and my mood right for the next day to come!

Focus on the Non-Physical Benefits: The benefits of exercise start on the inside and radiate outwards. By focusing on the immediate, your intrinsic motivation will be enhanced immediately. Consider 5 non-physical benefits of exercise;

(1) It releases feel good chemicals: When you exercise, your body releases endorphins - commonly referred to as ‘feel good’ chemicals. Endorphins give you a natural high - a sense of euphoria and mood enhancement that just makes you feel good about your life.

(2) It reduces stress: When you exercise, the body releases more of a chemical called norepinephrine. This chemical regulates the brain’s response to stress. That’s why exercise can help you deal with the stresses of your life - both mental and physical.

(3) It improves self-confidence: After just one session, you start feeling more confident, more self-assured, more in control of your destiny. Your self-esteem will receive a huge boost and you will project far more confidently to others. You’ll even improve your posture.

(4) It alleviates anxiety: An exercise session can do wonders in terms of calming down a person who is in a state of anxiety. It allows time to get the blood flowing, to take some personal time, to find perspective and peace.

(5) It strengthens the connection between mind, body and spirit: Taking great care of our physical body reflects a deep appreciation for the gift that we have been given. It also sharpens our awareness of the interconnectedness of the aspects that make up our whole being - the mind, body and spirit. For many people there is a spiritual dimension that comes with the endorphin rush that comes with exercise - especially if you’re jogging along the beach at sunrise.

- Naturopath

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