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What is your gut telling you?

Latest research has shown that our gut is not only responsible for our immunity, but also our mental health, disease prevention and longevity. There's no escaping that gut feeling.

We have all heard of phrases like "go with the gut" well these common phrases are based on more than instinct. We now see this is an actual fact.



-Urgency to go


-Spine under stress

Symptoms that many experience for years and years without getting the answers to alleviate where is the problem and is it continuing.

We get told so many times to pop a pill, take this medicine, don't eat this?

But there is no alleviation, it is all guessing.

There are lots of factors that compromise our guts health:

-Processed foods


-Over the counter acid refluxes and laxatives

-Excess Sugar

-Lack of sleep


How many have you ticked off so far above that relate to you?

Looking at our guts health is so important but we can neglect it?

The gut that is intrinsically linked to our immune system and nervous system, if it is not in good health, as acclaimed by many health professionals to be one of the fundamental reasons for the rise of chronic diseases like:







So where to from here?

How do we take care of our gut?

We can cut down on the processed food, fizzy drinks, keep alcohol consumption to a mindful level.

But if you have tried many things and you are still suffering it may be time to investigate by doing a food test to eliminate foods that would be causing havoc for you.

Using natural herbal medicine and supplements wont be a band aid to the problem like many of the over the counter quick fixes.

Natural medicine looks to the cause and works on eliminating the problem as oppose to place a band-aid.

Get your gut sorted and book in an appointment with Karina and call 0409510094 or visit the site today to book an appointment

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