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Value Others

The true meaning of love is to value others...we were brought up to believe its sex or those romantic feelings we get and sure thats part of it but real love is the love of VALUE..and that applies in all of our relationships.

Valuing others is shown by how you treat them.

In life we are all petrified of rejection. But isn't it nice when some shows up messy and raw and vulnerable...takes the mask off and allows us to do the same.

Your value does not come from


what you own nor what you is revealed in the choices that you make and how you live.

When we value someone we affirm that they are important, we acknowledge that what happened to them matters and that there is nothing that has happened in their life that can be overlooked..we honour their story..

The majority of people don't want you to take their pain away but rather to acknowledge it...never overlook someones tears or pain..for the best thing that you can do in love is be present...

This will give them back their value..the feeling that they matter...which is the true meaning of love.

Hope that you all had a great weekend.

Con Amor


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