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But I only had one glass!

So what’s the truth about alcohol???’s just as bad as sugar.

It stimulates the production of oestrogen in your blood stream, which promotes fat storage around your waist and tummy and decreases muscle growth.

If you have lots of lean muscle, your body will burn calories all day long.

Drinking alcohol will decrease muscle mass. Binge drinking at the weekend can take you two steps back, even after an otherwise healthy week.

Remember that your liver is also a fat burning organ.

So when it’s busy trying to process a large glass of wine, it can’t metabolise all the calories you've consumed during the day.

So for every drink you have you're slowing down your metabolism and your body isn't burning any fat.

In fact it’s the reverse, its storing if you ask me can I still drink wine and lose weight?...there’s your answer :)

Con Amor - Kari

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