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I could of given up, but I didn't...

I could have given up but I didn't .

I could give up but I won't .

What makes it easier is a new found commitment to simplicity .

What is really important in the scope of things when you bring up children on your own?

Parenting and running a household alone is tough to add to that being the only financial provider equals absolute exhaustion .

Parenting is 24/7 but one of the most valuable marathons that I have ever run. So why haven't I given up ? What has given me resilience ...the ability to accept my limitations and the disappointments that I sometimes feel to not have been able to experience motherhood like I would have loved to.

The important thing is to focus on what really matters ... To focus on one thing at a time ... I call it my male box ... What are the essentials ? Good food , shelter , fun, laughter and clean clothing .

It also means accepting help from friends . I accept I'm not super human and I focus on what I can instead of being overwhelmed by everything .... Fact is I can't do it all . Acceptance is the key and I invite you to experience that if you are in a similar situation release the pressure and expectations ... Do one thing ... You can't do it all <3

lots of love Kari

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