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Trouble in the bedroom? Natural solutions for you to try... READ MORE

NATUROPATHIC VIAGRA for MEN- WITH NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS…READ ON… LOW LIBIDO If you are not healthy, your sex drive will be suffering. The best way to improve your sex life is to examine your life-style and present condition of health. If your body is overloaded with toxins, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria and is too acidic there will be not enough energy for a proper functioning body. So it is fair to say that your sexual energy will also be at a low level. Therefore, your body needs a good cleanout and needs to be fuelled with good food to run smoothly and to provide renewed energy in every way. It is helpful is to see your Naturopathic Doctor who can test for all these energy slowing circumstances and put you on the right way back to a happy and healthy life including a great sex life as well. NATUROPATHIC VIAGRA A mixture of Tryptophan , Arginine , Lysine , B6 , B2 , and B5 taken 30 minutes before bedtime can increase the growth hormone and testosterone production that starts rising after five and a half hours of sufficient sleep. See YOUR NATUROPATH for adequate dosages. Exercise – Studies show that erectile dysfunction appears to be lower in men who regularly follow an active physical routine. This is due to the cardiovascular health of men that exercise. Erectile dysfunction is mainly a blood vessel problem and the best protection against that is exercise, healthy eating habits (Stoneage Nutrition), sufficient fluid intake, appropriate Omega 3 Levels, elimination of toxins, pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides! Yohimbe Tea (From a tree that grows in West Africa) is an old practice to use the tea made of the bark of the Yohimbe tree to enhance male sexual functions. This tea enhances the blood flow to the penis and inhibits the venous flow away. So create a healthy lifestyle compiling good eating habits with a regular clean out of your system combined with exercise and you will enjoy a GREAT sex life.

Karina Francois - NATUROPATH

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