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Want your KIDS to focus more?


Healthy eating helps children to have constant energy through the day, concentrate and stabilize their moods.

What we eat essentially effects every cell in our body thus its important that we eat foods that are as close to as nature provides.

If you allow junk into the body it affects children’s learning, behavior and ability to retain information. A toxic body big or small cannot operate to its potential.

Always remember that children are impressionable and it is important as adults to be great role models as far as what you put in your mouth!

There are three main nutrients required by all cells to function optimally.

These include carbohydrates, fats and protein.


Carbohydrates serve as BRAIN FOOD…just like every other organ in the body the brain requires nutrients that provide energy. Energy allows for children to finish tasks at hand, to draw on their thinking, creativity and focus.

Carbohydrates come in the form of glucose and the best form is one that is released in the bloodstream slowly so that children can be alert all day.

Choose fruits, vegetable and some wholegrain like oats. These will ensure a slow release of sugar.

A slow release of sugar into the bloodstream helps with children’s moods and will prevent the 2pm slump that may interfere with learning in the afternoon after lunch.


Fats that are required are essential fatty acids. These are obtained through the diet and are also required for healthy brain function.

Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and oily fish like salmon, tuna and avocado are the main sources.

Essential fatty acids allow for smooth messages to move through the nervous system thus stabilizing mood and also motion in physical exercise.


Protein helps stabilize energy keeping children feeling grounded and leveling their mood.

Protein sources include free range organic meats, nuts and silken tofu.

Protein also provides the building blocks for their rapidly growing bodies.

A great source of protein are eggs. These also contain Choline which is essential for building brain cells.

Besides these three elements, children’s bodies need to be hydrated. Provide water at all times, preferably in glass containers. 35mls x their body weight makes up for their daily requirement.

Its also important to ensure that your children are emptying their bowels every day. If they don’t have a daily bowel motion, water is reabsorbed in the lower colon and this can make children feel extremely tired.

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