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Our happiness has a maximum set point

“Over the years…reading so many philosophy, self help, psychology, spiritual and religous books.. I have found a common lesson or teaching…and that is that OUR HAPPINESS HAS A MAXIMUM SET POINT..YES … a genetically influenced level at which your happiness or well being tends to settle regardless of what happens to you. For example people that win the lottery…after two years they feel exactly the same way as they did before they won…because nothing has changed from within. So your set point in happiness from external forces is not lasting!!! What is more lasting is the influence that you have yourself! WOW…yes how powerful is that!!! So even when life is not ideal…and nobody is coming to save you (lol) you can still give yourself a real happiness gift by making changes within… So how can you change within? Firstly be honest with yourself…then reach…seek inspiration in evolved individuals…step outside your self-righteousness and look at life from other perspectives..try something new…clear the baggage…clear your kind…be grateful…purify your soul..and learn to enjoy the simple things that this beautiful world has to offer..!!

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