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I struggled with my body all my life...

I have been struggling with my body all my life. I know I have to lose body fat for health reasons, and I don’t like the way I am looking, not because I am led by the media or the glossy magazines, it is because I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel me. I have gone on endless diets and followed exercise programmes to then find it comes back on quicker than it came off. I have lost count of how many times I went through this constant yo yo. I feel frustrated and overwhelmed and tired of carrying this tyre around my tummy. Every day is a struggle as I have no energy and no motivation. There must be an easier way out of this I am tired of suffering. Does this sound like you? Karina has had her own personal lifetime experiences with the struggles of food, but she has also in the clinic witnessed women struggle with nutrition and behaviours around food. Karina is really excited to bring to you the message that she shares every day when she meets with clients on a one to one basis as well as in workshops and retreats. Karina teaches nutrition by looking at what our cells need and what our body really needs because if our cells are healthy then our overall body will benefit. Once we have the understanding of our cellular needs there is no need to go on a ‘diet’ or try new ‘fads.’ Our DNA hasn’t changed in over one hundred and fifty years so our cellular needs pretty much stay the same. Cellular health is not rocket science. It follows the natural laws of mother nature. Karina promises you that it’s easy and I believe that with assistance and understanding you will be empowered for life to make the right choices meal in and meal out. When we eat well we also feel well. In feeling well we can thereby accomplish all that we dream possible. Without your health you have nothing. Karina understands she has been there. When illness strikes, all your dreams go out the door. Karina also promises not to confuse or overwhelm you with a new set of rules. It’s about feeding yourself real foods that are easy and simple to prepare and taste delicious. Why not come in and see her and move towards health being something you don’t have to overthink.

Grab a copy of Karina's Book Clean Food - Clear Thinking - she focuses on mindset and how this affects your health. CLICK HERE

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