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Anxiety is a normal reaction in its initiated response. However, after the second and third it has really become about what thoughts we choose to think and how we choose to live.

In my own experiences with anxiety, I have realised that it was at its most heightened point when I was a crazy multi-tasking superhuman...SUPERWOMAN smile emoticon

Keeping anxiety at bay, means really looking at your life and re-adjusting how much you do and when you do it.

I always tell women, the best way that I cured my anxiety was to think like a man.

So when Im eating...guess what..Im actually eating...when Im at work..Im not thinking about what I have to do later or on the weekend ..Im focussing on my clients...and so on...

Wanting to keep your anxiety at bay means living in the moment. Being mindful.

The interesting part about it , is that when we do this, whatever we do we always do it optimally heart emoticon

You also need to address if you have any joy in your life. I mean are you actually doing anything for you that makes you smile..or are you living out roles that you think you need to fulfil.

We are not victims of circumstance. You do hav


e the power of choice and a voice to speak your truth.

The trouble with feeling like you can't take control of your life is that you feel like a victim..and guess what? victims don't take responsibility. They float around allowing life to happen, reacting with heightened anxiety in a whirlwind of lack of direction.

The life of twitter, Facebook and instagram and the constant of being online all the time is another trigger for anxiety and can be extremely brain deadening.

Don't get me wrong, I love social media. But it depends how you use it and I have fallen into the trap too smile emoticon

If you're not sleeping or resting..highly likely that this will affect your anxiety the next day as well.

What we choose to eat, also affects how our nervous system feels. High carbohydrate diets, stimulants such as coffee and sugar can also bring on physical symptoms of anxiety.

There are many herbs and supplements that also can assist.

You don't have to live with anxiety forever. I challenge you to think outside the square and explore other avenues. The mind controls the body and we control the are you up for a new way of thinking and being???

Con Amor Kari


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