What are you actually hungry for??

This is the question I ask my clients when they're looking through their cupboards for something to snack on.

And more often than not they're not hungry for food, they're looking for a distraction due to boredom, stress, tiredness or loneliness.

Of course all these emotions make you hungry for something, but eating is not the answer!

If you're stressed you're hungry because your body is flooded with adrenalin and cortisol that upsets sugar levels and makes you crave for sweets. Find ways to distract yourself and calm yourself down. A hot bath or a short walk. Food will only provide a temporary distraction.

If you're tired allow yourself to be tired! Wind down!

Dont reach out for wine, chocolate or coffee.

Allow your body to fall into tiredness instead of streaming it with stimulants!!!

Con Amor - Kari :)

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