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When you feel good about yourself, you have an inner motivation to take care of yourself. Conversely, when you don’t like the person that you are, you will almost always engage in behaviors that are self-destructive. These can manifest themselves as addictive behaviors that are slowly but surely putting you in an early grave.

They key to stopping this madness is to start taking responsibility for yourself. When your self-esteem is high, you’re going to be far more likely to do that. You’ll be aware of your inner self, you’ll understand what your needs are and you’ll be determined to fill them in healthy ways. Responsibility means being accountable for what we think, say and do. Self responsibility involves working on our own character rather than blaming others for our situation, it means to choose what we want and just do it.....oh and you'll find freedom in that... Con Amor..Karina

A valuable piece of advice that I have learnt is that before you share your dreams with other people that you instil self belief and conviction in yourself.

Often when I have told others about my dreams I have become disheartened by their responses. People will trash you with doubt before you even begin...this applies to all areas of your life including looking after your health.

Be careful about letting others define things for you.

People have their opinions and are very quick to tell you whats possible and whats impossible.

SOME even think they are entitled lol! It really is unfortunate to witness the conviction that people speak with. Keep away from people that belittle your ambitions. Freedom comes with the understanding that nobody knows whats possible until they're already doing it. NO ONE!!! Lots of Love Karina Francois

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