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What we learn from being REAL!

Realise that when you are being true to all that you feel those that may not give themselves permission to do the same will judge you or even look at you like you are crazy.

Truth is life is the joy, the grief, the anger, the solitude, the is all of it.

This is it!

Everything that you experience is life ! Unfortunately not everyone understands that and they wear the mask of "JOY", you can clearly see it everywhere on social media.

It's like this...if you are real in all that life are vulnerable and raw to the opinion of others.

The beauty of being real is that you are free.

This is me!, there and need to need to wear a mask...sigh...and doesn't that feel great !!!

I believe in authenticity, transparency, integrity and truth.

A big hug to all of you heart Con Amor - Kari

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