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Another Reason Why we can be compulsive!

You know you do it!

One piece of chocolate. Becomes a whole bar.

One chip a whole bag..

One tim tam...11 tim tams...

So What is the answer to these compulsions?

Client Question: “So Karina. What’s really happening when you are being compulsive with food?”

Karina Answer: “We are keeping feelings that we are afraid of at bay.”

Client Question: “So why is that?”

Karina Answer: “Because at some point in your life you were encouraged to hide your feelings, distrust and dislike them.”

Client Question: “So when did this happen?”

Karina Answer: "Generally when we are really young...and we were told ‘Don't make a big deal out of it, Big girls don't cry' and also when you were such a little person that you felt you couldn't survive with the emotion that was being thrown at you. Every time that you felt disappointed, threatened and confused or disillusioned, you held your breath and swallowed those feelings hoping that they would disappear. Sadness, self-judgment , fear and anger was trapped away frown emoticon You controlled those feelings and learnt what you felt should be rather than what is.”

Client Question: "So how did this become a food addiction or compulsion?"

Karina Answer: "After a while trying to control your emotions wears thin and you find new ways of dealing with feelings. Binge eating and other behaviours around food or alcohol become our survival systems" We kind of create these behaviours to take care of ourselves. Food brings comfort and helps bury unwanted feelings however unfortunately the comfort is short term.”

Client Question: “What feelings are you talking about?”

Karina Answer: "Whatever you judged and learnt wasn't any good for you for example fear, anger, sadness and unfortunately every time you feel these which is a normal part of human life guess what? You will fuel your compulsions and addictions, you numb out”

Client Question: "So what can I do about it?"

Karina Answer: "Understand that these addictions and compulsions are a gift don't fight them or try to control them. Become conscious and compassionate to yourself and others. Take care of yourself and explore where all of this came from. Move out of the prison of your mind, trust yourself again, live again and become mindful, being your true self is an unbecoming. Become curious to your behaviours, you are all there, you just have to take the masks off and feel again <3"

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