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DO YOU SUFFER FROM: low blood sugar levels, fatigue and frequent sleepiness, high blood pressure, excess weight, depression, bloating, high triglyceride levels and brain fogginess Reduce SUGAR and GRAINS to Improve these symptoms improve your Health and Lose Weight !!!! Humans existed millions of years ago on a diet of fish, fruit and vegetation. It was with the coming of agriculture and horticulture 10,000 years ago that man began consuming large quantities of starch and sugar in the form of potatoes and grains. Although the technological breakthrough of agriculture has built modern societies, it also brings with it diets that our bodies were not made for. Our bodies will always cry out for the diet of that of the gatherer, instead of the diets of today which include rice, potatoes, cereals, bread, pasta and corn – all sugar and starch rich foods. Our bodies do not have the mechanisms required to sustain the modern diet. It is shown that there is a greater chance of acquiring nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases, a higher infant mortality rate, diminishing lifespans, not to mention the various allergies and reactions our body can have to food (wheat and yeast intolerances and a number of digestive disorders). Dairy must also be added to the list, as a large percentage of the population are lactose intolerant. The immune system suffers due to a poor diet made up of these foods which are also contributors to depression, diabetes, cancer and obesity. The body does not have the storing capacity for all of the carbohydrates we ingest. The surplus is converted into fat by way of insulin and is stored as adipose tissue. These particular starchy and sugary foods that have been mentioned generate a rapid rise in blood glucose. The pancreas then secretes insulin into the bloodstream to adjust for this rise, which then lowers the glucose. The insulin actually promotes fat, as in the stone age years its role in the body was to accumulate additional calories from carbohydrates in the form of fat in times of famine. Insulin is essentially a storage hormone and can actually effect the secretion of two important hormones - growth hormones and glucagons. Growth hormones support muscle development whilst glucagons are responsible for the burning of sugar and fat. Symptoms of an excess of carbohydrates being in the body include low blood sugar levels, fatigue and frequent sleepiness, high blood pressure, excess weight, depression, bloating, high triglyceride levels and brain fogginess. It does not mean that we have to eliminate carbohydrates from our diet, but be aware of the amount you are consuming.The solution is to reduce the intake of grain and corn based foods, sweets and potatoes.

Karina Francois - NATUROPATH

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