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TOP 5 FOODS to help you cope with STRESS..


Remember that nutrition affects our chemistry and the last thing that you need when you are stressed is to consume stimulants like tea, coffee, chocolate, green tea products, caffeine fueled drinks, sugar and alcohol.

Here are the top 5 foods that you can consume to help you cope with stress. Remember that if you are a highly anxious person it is important that you are fueling your body with nutrient dense foods and protein at every meal to help regulate blood sugars and balance your insulin levels. When blood sugars drop or are too high it can affect your mood considerably.

  • Eat protein foods like Turkey, beef, Chicken or salmon(organic , hormone free, free range). These foods contain Tryptophan. Tryptophan is converted to serotonin that gives you that chilled feeling. Tryptophan is also converted to melatonin a hormone important to help you sleep.

  • Eat Spinach and greens…preferably organic for their magnesium component. Magnesium supports the adrenal glands function and inhibits the release of adrenaline which is a hormone associated with stress.

  • Eat Omega fats mainly in yummy Sardines. The intake of Omega fats helps to reduce anxiety.

  • Eat B6- usually found in high levels in the humble Avocado! Vitamin B6 is needed for creating steroid hormones that are released during stress.

  • Eat Vitamin C- lots of blueberries, capsicum, oranges, mandarins and kiwi fruit. Vitamin C reduces the stress Hormone cortisol.

- Naturopath

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