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Are you struggling to lose weight?

1.Top Tips regarding mindset for women that struggle with weight loss..

Check out your work, life personal balance- understand that weight loss management has to be part of a total life change that incorporates achieving life balance, psychological health and a positive self image. The real key to fat loss has nothing to do with calories, cardio or carb counting but more to do with developing a mindset for health. Take the time to get your mindset right by getting more of a balance in your life and the rest will come naturally.

Discover your big Why? When you uncover the reason to why you really want to achieve your goal this will attach an emotional element to your goal..and guess what? The emotional content that you can stir up, the more motivated that you will be.When you get emotionally attached to your goal you will deeply impress the subconscious mind.This is where your habits are seated…So understand your why…get emotional..impress the subconscious..accomplish your goals…

Self-esteem-work on your self esteem-unless you feel worthy you will never achieve a successful meaningful life. Unless you have lasting self love you will always sabotage your goals.

Take responsibility for yourself

Set goals…visualize them into actualization…it works!!!

Identify your values- these dictate your behaviours. Ensure that one of your top values is Health and Self-Love! Ensure that your true values allow you to make real, lasting and positive changes to your life.

Learn to love exercise focusing on the non physical benefits. Exercise is truly an anti-depressent. It helps release feel good chemicals, reduce stress, improves self-confidence, alleviates anxiety and most importantly strengthens the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Create a supportive network! Nothing worse than others dragging you down and sabotaging your health goals. Hang out with people that want to help you succeed !

2.Why do you believe many Australians are confused about diet/Healthy eating information?

I believe that many Australians are confused because they aren’t being taught about the human body. As a naturopath I am a teacher. I teach and educate my clients about their cellular needs and explain why clean eating has all the benefits relating back to human physiology . Nutritional knowledge should start with a basic understanding of the nutrients that we need to function and thrive.

3.What is your newest book , Clean Food, Clear thinking about?

Clean Food – Clear Thinking evolved out of a culmination of my own personal lifetime experiencesand also in clinic watching women struggle with nutrition and behaviours around food.

I am really excited to bring to you my message that I share every day when I meet clients on a one on one basis as well as in workshops and retreats.

I teach nutrition by looking at what our cells need ,what our body really needs ,because if our cells are healthy then our overall body will benefit.

Once we have the understanding of our cellular needs there is no need to go on a ‘diet’ or try the new ‘fads’. Our DNA hasn’t changed in over 150,000 years so our cellular needs pretty much stay the same.

Cellular health is not rocket science. It follows the natural laws of Mother Nature. I promise you that its easy and I believe that with this book and understanding you will be empowered for life to make the right choices meal in and meal out .

When we eat well we also feel well. In feeling well we can thereby accomplish all that we dream possible. Without your health you have nothing . Believe me I have been there. When illness strikes all your dreams go out the door.

I also promise not to confuse or overwhelm you with a new set of rules. Its about feeding yourself real foods that are easy and simple to prepare and taste delicious.

Part one of the book deals with the abovementioned . Part two goes beyond the foods we eat into discovering whats really important in our lives. My message is about wellness in body and mind .

Sometimes we know whats inline with what our body needs but the mind gets involved and sabotages our commitment to our health. Working through Part two will allow you to discover what is getting in the way of your commitment to you! Then you can create a permanent transformation !

Part two evolved also from personal experience and through clinical experience. What I found was that clients would visit me for an appointment. I would teach them nutrition and they had all the knowledge to make the changes , however would turn up two weeks later saying that they knew what to do but just couldn’t do it. At times it would last a week and they would go back to their old ways.

Working through mindset activities really helps each person to uncover what is holding them back to making permanent changes. So armed with the knowledge and the right have a formula for permanent Health success <3

Part 3 are just some of the recipes I love.They are easy and delicious.My mum has contributed to these recipes.I couldn’t fit everything in so I am certain that a cook book will follow J and I am really excited to share in more!

I hope that this book puts you on a positive path to health, wellness and happiness.

I hadn’t realised that all of my lifetime experiences were not just about personal learning but within my story I would be guiding others how to be the best person they could ever be!

If health is your destination…they wellness is the Journey <3

4.What is clean food?

Clean food is nothing new. Its all about eating foods in their most natural state and stearing away from packaged, processed, man made foods full of additives and preservatives.

5. Can you talk us through how to identify damaging eating habits and where they originate from.

Damaging eating habits start in the home usually and are influenced by media and marketing and culture.

Marketing can subconsciously affect uneducated individuals to a point where they believe that foods are healthy for them

In clinic the main thing that I notice is the whole idea of a balanced diet has become about ‘treating’ yourself occasionally.

6. How can we eliminate bad food habits?

Usually education and a shift in mindset.

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