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Massage, why are they so good for you?


Reduces Stress and Anxiety…..BE HAPPY! If you NEVER experienced a professional massage, now is the time to try it out – it will only take you one visit to find out why massage is so popular: and why they feel so great! If you need some evidence why they make you feel so good, please read below. Massage is one of the oldest and easiest ways of medical treatment to ease pain and anxiety and has multiple health benefits. It is advised to add them regularly into your routine as they are an important part in a healthy lifestyle. 1. They feel great and make you feel good This is due to the fact that massage has an impact on the nervous system and the nerve endings in our skin which stimulate our Endorphin Production. Endorphins are hormones that make us ‘feel good and happy’. 2. They reduces Stress, Anxiety, Depression and help with insomnia Massage helps lower cortisol levels and activates Serotonin and Dopamine; all indicators that lower the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Massage also activates the activity and function of the left lobe and decreases the activity in the right lobe. It is known that the left side of the frontal lobe of our brain is more active when we are happy and the right side is more active when we are sad. This is due to the effect that more Endorphins are produced. Stress gets another beating as they reduce the levels of stress chemicals and reverse the damaging effects of stress by slowing heart rate, respiration and reducing elevated blood pressure. Massage is proven to be an effective therapy for stress-related tension of which scientists believe is responsible for more than 80% of diseases. 3. They relax muscle tension and improve mobility and flexibility Massage stimulates the blood circulation, increases oxygen flow and nutrients to the connective tissue and muscles, eases tension, muscle knots and soothes stiff joints. It helps with injured and overused muscles and reduces cramps and spasms. Athletes can reduce their recovery time, use massages as a natural performance optimisation and prevent themselves from injuries when getting regular massages. 4. They help decrease symptoms of PMS Studies have shown that Massage reduces the symptoms of PMS such as: mood swings, irritability, helps keep emotions at bay, sore breasts, cramps, period pain, water retention and cravings for sweets and chocolate. Add this with proven Natural Medicine Treatments and Remedies. 5. Massage is Detoxification as it stimulates the Lymphatic System The lymphatic System is the Natural Defence of the body against Toxins. Massage stimulates the Lymphatic System to more effectively flush out toxic waste products of the body. 6. They Increase your Levels of Attention and Alertness Research shows that brain-wave activity is stimulated through massages and therefore attention and alertness improves. 7. They Boost the body’s natural killer cells Massages boost the production of natural killer cells which are the first line defence of our immune system to any pathogens coming into our system. As cortisol destroys natural killer cells and Massage reduces cortisol our immune system gets a lift every time we get a massage. This even works in patients with a weak immune system like chronic fatigue and cancer patients.

8. They reduce Pain Massages block the nervous system’s pain receptors and increase the blood flow to the muscles which help them heal. It also reduces pain from Arthritis as it relieves and increases joint mobility which takes the pressure off the painful joints. Massages reduce post-grade surgery adhesions and oedemas as well as help to realign and reduce scar tissue after healing has occurred. Massage also eases the pain from migraines, labour, cancer and also helps the body with muscle tightness and pain from fibromyalgia.

- Naturopath

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