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I am afraid of the future.....

I am afraid of the future

I am afraid of the future

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow?

I am afraid to lose the things that I have or fail to get the things that I want?

Who has these questions?

I think most of us do but don't admit to it right?

Fear..we all have it...but question is why do these questions come up?

I can tell you they are just like any other emotion..

You either act on them or continue to think them and they intensify until they become unbearable.

Reality is ... We fear the future when we have doubts about our ability to handle future events.

Reality is.. We fear the future because we fail to get prepared for the intention of what might happen...

and guess what? If you don't address these fears the subconscious mind will keep bringing them up until you address them.

So what can you do about this?

From my own experience I listen to out where the fear comes from..then act on it.

Getting rid of the fear of the future is no rocket science, you have to become brave enough to listen to your fears then take powerful actions to reassure yourself that you can handle them!!!

There are some things we can't change..but there are lots of ways we can handle them. Its all about choice. Every one has negative thoughts. The most positive people just know how to deal with these and not allow them power.

Don't make the mistake most people make and ignore them.. Don't try to deceive yourself that all is ok right now when it truly isn't..Dont indulge in victim mentality and hand ball responsibility..because guess what always comes back!!!

So, live in the present and deal with the fears as they come up...act on it and never give up!!!

With love

- Naturopath

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