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Toxic Friendships

Toxic friendships we all know them , we may not always recognise them right?

Toxic friendships generally stress you out, you generally feel used , they are unreliable, demand too much, and don't give anything back.

After spending time in these sorts of friendships you are likely to feel bad about yourself instead of good. You develop incredible self doubt. Its like slow poison to the soul.

Toxic friends may be someone who tends to be critical of you - sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes not so subtle!. You know what I mean right...when what they say hits you right in the core and you either question yourself or feel gobsmacked!!

They may even be a friend who drains you emotionally, financially, or mentally, and they're not very good for you.

Toxic friendships are bad for our mental health and wellbeing, and if you can’t improve the relationship, you should think about letting it go.....moving on and really letting it go!!

The only way to deal with these friendships is to take responsibility . Put yourself at the core of your life. You matter always. You can't save anyone , you can only encourage and if what you get back is always poisonous why are you still sacrificing yourself???

Start taking better care of yourself and make your own wellbeing more important.

These relationships can truly bring illness in our lives from anxiety and grief . There's no bandaid or herbal tonic that can fix that . Only you can choose to continue within the stress or let it go . There is so much freedom in that..

- Naturopath

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