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Let me highlight something....

Let me highlight something women sometimes forget to consider when they are so caught up in their self-sacrificing and caught up in themselves.

Have you ever thought that men may feel equally as much self sacrifice as yourself. After all ,traditionally most men were brought up to get a job and look after their family so everyone feels happy.

Remember that as men we may be on keep you happy lists!

The reason I say this is because I listen to men day in and day out and they feel self sacrificing in relation to us.

Lets move away from blame and deal with what it truly in front of us.

Competing with your partner gets you nowhere.

Have the conversations and perhaps bring in a balance that suits you without always having to live by the status quo….just a suggestion…

I feel sad to see so many couples losing themselves and each other in self sacrifice…

Where did the friendship go? Where is the love? Where is the compassion and understanding? Where is the us in the picture? Where has the smiling gone?

With Love

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