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Lunch Box - what are you putting in?


What sorts of things should mums be putting in their kids’lunch boxes?

What nutrients do they need to get through the day?

  • Water-for hydration and brain function

  • one portion of vegetables or salad-for fibre , energy, vitamins and minerals

  • Two portions of fruit-for energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals

  • One portion of protein-the building blocks for growth and to help sustain brain function

  • Low gi breads like Lebanese wraps or rice cakes-for sustained energy

  • Essential fatty acids-avocado/nut spreads if permissible at school-for brain function and concentration

  • Home made muesli bars-for energy(see my recipe)

  • Nuts and seeds(if permissible at school) for energy and sustained brain function

  • Home made bliss protein balls-for sustained energy(see my recipe)

Here is an example of a healthy lunch box:

1 banana

1 apple

1 carrot and one piece of celery

houmous dip

a wrap made with turkey , chicken, tuna, egg or salmon and salad and avocado

1 litre of water

  1. homemade muesli bar

  2. 2 bliss balls

  3. natural muffins - see the recipe in Karina Book - "Clean Food Clear Thinking"

We all know that sugar and foods that are packaged and full of preservatives have a negative impact on child behavior.

However there are some foods that we may not be away of that may make your child lose focus in the afternoon.

For example chocolate spreads on white bread, or yeast spreads on sandwiches or butter sandwiches with jam will bring about an elevation of blood sugar then a sudden drop.

We need to ensure that we incorporate protein as well as good fats in their wraps to ensure that the energy is sustained throughout the day.

Most Pre packaged Muesli bars are full of sugar also, most of them containing 80% carbohydrate . You may be thinking that you are doing a good thing by providing these in their lunchboxes but they are really one big sugar hit.

Most yoghurts are also full of sugar, flavourings and colourings and so are fruit boxes.

You can skip the chip packet and other fat laden products. There are not infact a treat..but more impacting on childrens health long term.

As a parent and adult returning to work and with a different palate perhaps to our children I would recommend the same advice for you lunches.

Except ofcourse you will need a larger quantity.

Snacks will include fruit and nuts or hoummous and avocado with celery and carrot sticks. Homemade muesli bars and protein balls.

A large salad with protein and vegetables for lunch dressed with olive oil , celtic salt, balsamic vinegar or lemon and salad.

You can incorporate the salad into a rice mountain bread wrap for variety.

How about some rice paper rolls or sushi?

Or a small bowl of stir fry meat and veggies?

Or a frittata with salad?

Or a tuna or salmon patty with salad?

In winter how about a chicken and vegetable soup? Skip the bread

Ensuring that they are Drink lots of water and maybe even try a delicious organic herbal tea.

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