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3am - does it know all your secrets?

DOES 3am know all your Secrets, because this is when you are waking up and staying awake? Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Maintaining sleep? Early wakening? Non restorative sleep? Feel tired all day but then wide-awake at night? Taking naps in the day because you can’t sleep at night? Using stimulants to keep your energy up in the day? Worrying about sleeping? Find it difficult to relax? Feel restless and irritable at night? Have poor concentration levels, anxiety or fatigue in the daytime? Then you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep is seen as the time, with which the body can relax, recharge and repair. Deficits in this process can disrupt the body’s equilibrium and can promote or initiate a variety of defects in health. Sleep is extremely important for maintaining a good balance of health and there are many things that can affect it. Shift working, irregular sleep-wake schedule, poor sleep hygiene, stress, environmental factors, Alcohol, caffeine, drug use, Depressive disorders, anxiety, food allergies, obesity, Sleep apnoea, hypoventilation, respiratory insufficiency, sleep-related asthma can all affect your sleep patterns! There are simple things you can try to improve your quality of sleep including, Avoiding all stimulants, alcohol, Avoiding all technology before bed, Avoiding heavy meals or vigorous physical activity within three hours of bedtime, changing sleeping environment (Dark room, ear plugs, eye mask, comfortable pillow and bed), Getting enough sunlight exposure in the morning or having a warm bath before bed. If these recommendations don’t improve your quality of sleep then come and see Karina... Get your health sorted..

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