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YOU! Yes you are worthy...

One thing that I notice in practice is that the foundation of a successful life is based on self esteem. I quote Michael King when he says " that the saddest thing that can happen to us is to realize all our dreams and have no new ones to aspire to. " So what builds a solid self esteem? Always a sense of belonging..we need to be engaged in life and part of something. Also a sense of uniqueness. If we are to mature as human beings we must know and accept ourselves a nothing that has ever existed before. Then to add to this a sense of worthiness. You need to accept who you are Lastly a sense of self determination... KNOWING THAT WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS TO US IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD.

Have you bought a copy of Karina's book Clean Food - Clear Thinking? - Karina goes in to depth about self-esteem and how it plays a part in our role of eating, nutrition and relationships with others. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy.

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