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Aggression, it hurts....

Anger frightens children and I would not like my children to be afraid of anything. We all know how aggression looks, how it affects us, how it smells and the fear it creates. We know how it walks all over people and dampens our spirit or what i call 'our spunk for life'. I am hearing so many stories of abuse, violence and violations in the clinic that I felt compelled to write this. I can relate to you all and having risen above it this is how I understand it to be.... Aggression walks all over people, mows them down and does not allow for love to permeate. Aggression seeks to dominate and ignores the well being of others! Fear generally drives aggression...the fear of loss of face or loss of ego! If you are surrounding yourself with aggression from parents, friends, partners- you will find a sense of dis empowerment and self worth the more you allow this in your life from another. Its like poison that drips slowly to the soul where you get to a point where you no longer know what is right and what is wrong..or at times whether it is you that is going crazy In the face of aggression we can become timid where we feel like we don't have a voice,we become placatory or anxious.

I ask???? Where in this picture are you allowing yourself to be true to you or to your values? Where in this picture are you giving another permission to dominate your life? Where in this picture are you slowly losing yourself and self love? Where in this picture have you slowly allowed yourself to no longer care for you? for your body? Aggression is never right! There is no freedom in fear..there is no Love in Aggression... Seek professional help if you are in a situation like this... You only get one chance at life...make it a loving peaceful one.. with love to you.

Karina can help sort out moods that maybe bringing on aggression Just like:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep deprivation

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