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A friend of mine today told me that I am courageous. I pondered on the thought and really feel that sometimes we just get on with it and do what needs to be done. Living your passion which for me is helping people has had so many endless rewards, particularly having the privilege of getting to know so many beautiful people. Growing in what I love has unfortunately not always presented me with the same open arms of generosity that I hope I am giving others . Human beings need support. <3 Mine I have learnt has come mainly from those that I love the most and also Of course my clients. In seeking support outside of this the amount of 'no's' that I have experienced in the last 18 months from many people that I have respected and looked up to I can no longer count on both hands. Some reasons seem valid. Some reasons are not . Some reasons incorporate spending incredible amounts of money for very little support or to help others big note themselves as celebrity. Why am I writing this you may be wondering ? It's because I notice too many people giving up. I notice too many of my patients that have lost hope or belief in themselves . I notice so much self doubt . It's time to realise that no matter what people think nor what people say we are all equal. Use the 'no's' as a means of propelling yourself forward with dignity, humility, independence and transparency and Always coming back to what you are here to do minus 'the celebrity'! Be yourself in whatever field you choose. And remember what it's like when someone says no to you... Maybe you might choose to say yes to someone and give them a little bit of hope with love always.

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