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What you choose every day brings intention.....

What you willingly choose every day brings intention ... gossiping can either be a habit or a way to bring others down to make yourself feel better.

Gossip is about details that you are unsure are true. Most people gossip through learning and being around others that do it.

Unfortunately in some cultures it's a Natural tolerated thing and so people can be unaware of the damage it can create. Gossiping damages people because generally gossip destroys a persons social standing . Gossip tends to be negative ... people don't normally gossip about good things... whispered allegations become truths and unsubstantiated stories can damage how a person is regarded in their community and how they are trusted .

Trust is how we are measured in society and therefore gossip will impact how other people relate to us. This is the way I see it . There are 24 hours in a day and so many problems in the world with your own family, communities and the world . Every second spent gossiping robs us of the capacity to make the world a better place .

Every time you participate in gossip what does this say about you? It says that you like to destroy others .

The bigger you play the game of life the more visible you become the more people will gossip about you . You have to decide whether you want to be part of it.

I feel it's time to commit to not gossip . Even though the temptation is extremely powerful just remember that engaging in this can steal another's reputation.

Gossip always grows an audience . You can stop this by saying I don't feel comfortable with this when the person is not here to defend themselves.

Don't judge people based on gossip . We all know how it feels to be judged when clearly what's been said is untrue. Don't hang out with people to enjoy belittling others . Being gossiped about can be extremely hurtful.

My ex husband spread some horrible rumours about me and when I found out about these they were so far from the truth that I couldn't believe the damage it had done in such little time to me , my family and my reputation . Those that know you don't need justification but it left a grey cloud of distrust in the air and it's taken years to heal . Think before you speak. Think before you act . Gossip is so much more then talk .

Make a choice 😊 Karina

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