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Jealousy is wicked

Jealousy takes a wicked presence in peoples lives. Although its a natural does mask other feelings and attitudes like possessiveness, insecurity and shame. Jealousy I believe is not so much going to hurt others more than it does yourself...Jealousy is more a self-tormentation and self criticism.

Jealousy breeds paranoia, gossip, criticism of others. This critical inner jealous voice is more painful to us than what we imagine to be jealous about.

If you've ever felt insignificant then this insecurity can be carried with us into adulthood. Shame from our past can influence our insecurities in the present and when something goes wrong we feel like there is something wrong with us.

Suspicion, Jealousy and our inner critic can turn those closest to us against so infact jealousy can sabotage our relationships.

With the feelings of jealousy we overreact and these situations can lead into self-fulfilling prophecies..pushing those we love further away from us.

I feel its time to challenge our thoughts and improve trust in those around us..I feel its time to develop a positive sense of self. Identify if what you feel is true or a reaction to feeling betrayed in the past.

Accept that you are loved and don't allow the negative voices of the past to take over. The worst side of jealousy is allowing it to surface amongst other women. Instead of bringing us together is pushes us apart.

If jealousy towards another woman arises I see this a sure sign that we need to heal something in ourselves or that we are not honouring our authenticity and what we really want to be doing.

When we feel jealous of another..switch it and find praise in her <3 When you feel jealous of another..Don’t flirt with her man. When you feel jealous of another..Don’t woo her clients. When you feel jealous of another Don’t brush her off. Instead why not Respect her. Why not Celebrate her. Why not Love her and the life that she has cultivated. Why not Use her as an inspiration and a springboard into taking ownership for creating the live you most long for.

Dont forget we are all significant and on the same team..lets do this together

Love to you

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