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How herbal tea can help combat stress...

I’ve been thinking about this question as I always grab myself a cuppa to unwind or during breaks.

Without looking too much into research I find having something warm helps me relax…as well as taking a moment for myself. The aromas of the tea feel like an instant relaxation..almost like aromatherapy.

The main constituent in green, oolong and black tea that helps you relax is the amino acid Theanine. ( Research shows that this amino acid promotes alpha waves in the brain, which are linked to relaxation. )

We can then look more specifically at different types of teas and their consituents and their effects on the nervous system.


These herbs can be taken as TEAS, DECOCTIONS AND TONIC HERBAL MIXTURES mixed through a herbalist or naturopath -

LEMON BALM- As the name suggests a soothing and calming balm for stressed nerves. It invigorates yet relaxes the nervous system at the same time. It helps put you to sleep and can be also used to reduce all ailments related back to the nervous system like insomnia, cramping, headaches, muscle tension and soreness. Best of all it tastes delicious J

PASSIONFLOWER- My favourite of all favourites!!! It is an incredible sedative used to combat nervousness and anxiety, to tranquilize the mind and assist with sleep. When you take passionflower the sleep can be deep, less wakeful and with little disruption. I call it a delicious, yummy sleep. It can also be used in muscle cramps , bronchial asthma and period pain.

CHAMOMILE-I remember this tea from being a little girl. My mum used to give it to me to settle my stomach and put me to sleep. Besides tasting sweet it has calming and sedative properties on the nervous system as well as the tummy.

VALERIAN ROOT- smelly feet herb! That’s what the tonics smell like…but I love using it! It is used to treat insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety, muscle cramps and spasms, headaches and stress. Valerian sedates and regulates the nervous system allowing for a peaceful sleep as well as clarity of mind.

HOPS-Besides being used in beer, as a herbalist we recommend hops for its sedative and antispasmodic actions on muscles. Hops helps induce a restful sleep.

SKULLCAP- Tasting delicious! Used to treat anxiety and stress. Love using this herb for general relaxing of the body and mind including insomnia, anxiety and nightmares.

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